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What are the three intentional torts that fall under injury to the body?

Assault, battery, false imprisonment


The are the two extra considerations for false imprisonment?

If the plaintiff was aware of the confinement or actually harmed by it, and if there was a reasonable means of escape


What are the two intentional torts for injury to the emotions?

Distress associated with a tortious injury, and IIED


If emotional distress associated with the separate tortious injury to the plaintiff's body, how is recovery given?

Under the separate tort


What are the two major categories of intentional torts to property?

Real property and personal property


What are the two major intentional torts to real property?

Trespass to land and nuisance


What are the two types of nuisance?

Private and public


What are the two types of personal property torts?

Conversion and trespass to chattels


What is the extra consideration that needs to be taken for conversion and trespass to chattels?

If There's an available remedy


What are the four different privileges and defenses to intentional torts?

consent, self-defense/defense of others/defense of property, authority, necessity


What Are the two different types of consent?

Express and implied


What are the extra considerations that need to be taken when discussing consent?

Lack of capacity, fraud, duress, mistake, exceeding the scope


What are the major things to hit for defense of self and others?

If there is a reasonable belief, if reasonable force was used, if the attack was imminent, and unprivileged


The two major things to hit for defense of property?

Reasonable force, and if you're recovering personal property you must first make a demand of return


The three types of authority that count as a defense to intentional torts?

Privilege to arrest, shopkeeper's privilege, and discipline


What are the special rule considerations for negligence?

- violation of the criminal statute
- increase knowledge of skills
- higher duty of care
- owner occupier of land
- guest statute
- only mental distress


If Defendant violated a criminal statute in negligence, what are the three things That have to be discussed?

Class, type, and no excuse


If D engaged in an activity on his land and injure another, what duty is owed?

Duty of due care


If the plaintiff was a trespasser, what is the general duty owed?

No duty, unless exceptions apply


What are the two exceptions to the no duty rule for trespassers?

A. Known or frequent trespassers
B. Child trespassers


If The defendant is a landlord, what are the three categories that apply to him?

- Duty to the tenant, duty to a third person on the land, duty to a third person off the land


What are The three major checklist categories of intentional torts?

Injury to the body, injury to the emotions, injury to property