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What does a 3m old do?

Head control
Reaches for objects, fixes and follows
Cries, laughs, vocalises by 4m


What does a 6m old do?

Coordinates movements, transfers with palmar grip
Localises sound and babbles
Alert and interested, starting to wean


What does a 9m old do?

Primitive pincer grip
Inappropriate sounds, +/- single word
Stranger anxiety, plays peak a boo


What does a 12m old do?

Stands and walks by 15-18m
Refined pincer grip
Responds to simple commands, 'mama, dada'
Socially responsive and waves bye bye


What does a 2 yr old do?

Runs, starts to use stairs
Circular scribbles, lines. Builds 3 cube tower
2 word phrases
Fork and spoon - feeds self. Responds to simple commands and starts to have temper tantrums


What does a 3-4yr old do?

Stands on one foot, hops at 4
Able to build bridge with bricks
Uses 3 word phrases, knows some colours and own name. Counts to 10 at 4
Interactive and symbolic play, undresses self


What does a 5yr old do?

Makes simple drawings, copies triangle
Fairly fluent speech, asks how and when
Dresses self, toilets independently


Order of gross motor development?

Moves limbs - head control - sits - crawls - stands then walks - runs, stairs - stand one foot - skips, hops


Order of fine motor and vision development?

Looks and startles - reaches, fixes and follows - coordinated movement, transfers with palmar grip - pincer grip - refined pincer grip - circular scribbling and 3 block tower - bridge building - simple drawings


Order of speech, language and hearing development?

Startles to noise - cries laughs and vocalises - localises sound and babbles - single words, inappropriate sounds - mama/dada and simple commands - 2 word phrases - 3 word phrases and some colours - fluent speech


Order of social and behavioural development?

Cries, smiles by 8wks - laughs - alert/interested, weans - stranger anxiety and peak a boo - waves bye bye, socially responsive - feeds self w cutlery, simple commands - interactive and symbolic play - dresses self


4 prenatal causes of global developmental delay?

Chromosomal e.g. Down's
Infection - TORCH
Drugs and alcohol
Congenital - hypothyroidism


2 perinatal causes of global developmental delay?

Hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy
Intraventricular/cerebral haemorrhage


4 postnatal causes of global developmental delay?

Infection - meningoencephalitis
Anoxic events
Head injury


What does a neonate do?

Moves limbs with normal tone, power
Looks and startles
Startles to noise
Cries, smiles by 6-8 weeks