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Modern Fantasy?

Fantasy literature goes beyond the known imaginatively creates a new or transformed world.


Classifications of fantasy?

Low fantasy: is set in the primary world, but magical elements make it impossible
High fantasy: is set in a secondary world that uses elements that go against logic in our primary world.


Science fiction?

Is inspired by real developments in science and has conceived a version of reality different from the one we inhabit. Use science concepts to create extraordinary things and make them plausible.


Difference between fantasy and science fiction?

Fantasy is impossible while science fiction has a chance of happening in the dissent future.


Catagories of high fantasy

Myth fantasy; gothic fantasy; epic/heroic fantasy; and sword and sorcery fantasy.


Five categories the plot of high fantasy.

1.) Test of identity; endurance; and character
2.) task, imposed or undertaken voluntarily
3.) quest for marvelous objects or animals
4.) escapes from death, through disguise or substitution or with help
5.) journeys to other lands or worlds


Criteria for modern fantasy?

-Is the story well written?
-Is the theme compelling
-Does the story allow readers to suspend disbelief
-does the author maintain a sense of logic and order within the created world?


Bruce coville

Wrote: Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher and My teacher is an alien


Jane yolen

Wrote: touch magic: Fantasy, Faerie and Folklore in the literature of Childhood
Commander toad and the voyage home


1st science fiction book

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein


1st science fiction published in U.S?

Rocket Ship Galileo


What term did Isaac Asimov coin?



Categories of science fiction?

Projecting scientific principles; utopian and dystopian societies; surviving environmental catastrophes; science fantasies.


Criteria for science fiction?

-Is the story well written?
-is it clear how the characters feel about their world and dilemmas
-are there plot threads that the reader can follow in the invented world?
-are there guidepost that serve as jumping off places from reality to imagination
-does the author encourage the reader to continue reading through delight and fear.


Peter Dickinson

The changes trilogy


Madeline L'engle

A wrinkle in time


William sleator

Strange attractors
Interstellar pig