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What is contemporary realistic fiction?

Is derived from actual circumstances, with realistic settings and characters who face problems and opportunities that are within the range of what is possible in real life.


Characteristics of contemporary realistic fiction?

They resemble real people; they love in a place that is or could be real; they participate in a plausible, if not probable, series of events; they are presented with a dilemma that is of interest to children; they discover a realistic solution.


Magical realism?

A work that is so far fetched, but because it has things that are possible it remains realistic fiction


Benefits of realistic fiction?

The may come to feel that they are not alone; they may learn to reflect on the choices in their own lives; they may develop empathy for other people; they may see life experiences beyond their own; they may take a humorous, enjoyable look at life.


The first realistic fiction for kids?

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe published in 1719


Is considered 1st American novel

The last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper published in 1826


Considered the first to present the dilemma facing young women?

Little women by Louisa May Alcott published in 1868.


"New realism"

Looked at the downside of life; children suffering from poverty, racism, sexism, war, and parental irresponsibility.


Categories of contemporary realistic fiction?

Books about self discovery and growing up; families and family diversity; interpersonal relations; school; sports; nature and animals; adventure and survival; romance and sexuality; mental, physical, emotional and other challenges; moral dilemmas and moral responsibility; social diversity; aging, death, and dying; mystery and suspense books; humorous books; series books; multicultural and international themes; magical realism.


Criteria for evaluating realistic fiction

Is the story well written; do the characters resemble real people in our world?; are the events plausible? Is the plot resolution believable-not a contrived to end in a certain way?