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Erik eriksons psychosocial developmental theory

describes the development of personality including temperament, feelings, character. "the richest and fullest lives attempt to achieve an inner balance, between three realms: work, love and play".
refers to the way in which people learn to think, reason and use language. involves intelligence, perceptual ability, an ability to process information


Erik eriksons infant stage

conflict: trust vs. mistrust
virtue: hope, faith
maladaptive/malignancy: sensory distortion - withdrawal


erik Eriksons toddler stage

conflict: autonomy vs. shame and doubt
virtue: will, determination
maladaptive/malignancy: impulsivity, compulsion


Erik Eriksons preschooler stage

conflict: initiative vs. guilt
virtue: purpose, courage
maladaptive/malignancy: ruthlessness/inhibition


Erik eriksons school age

conflict: industry vs. inferiority
virtue: competence
maladaptive/malignancy: narrow virtuosity - doing nothing


erik Eriksons adolescent

conflict: ego-identity vs. role confusion
virtue: fidelity, loyalty
maladaptive/malignancy: fanaticism - proposal of idea


Erik Eriksons young adult

conflict: intimacy vs. isolation
virtue: love
maladaptive/malignancy: promiscuity - exclusivity


Erik Eriksons middle adult

conflict: generatively vs. stagnation
virtue: care
maladaptive/malignancy: overextension - rejectivity


Erik eriksons old adult

conflict: integrity vs despair
virtue: wisdom
Maladaptive/malignancy: presumption