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health promotion

the process of enabling people to increase control over determinants of health and thereby improve their health.
-address health issues in context
-supports a holistic approach
-requires a long term perspective
-draws on knowledge from social, economic, political, environmental, medical and nursing sciences, as well as from first hand experiences


disease prevention

action to avoid or forestall illness or disease


primary prevention

activities protect against a disease before signs and symptoms occur. example: immunization


secondary prevention

activities promote early detection of disease once pathogenesis has occurred so that prompt treatment can be initiated to halt disease and limit disability. example: preventative screening for cancer, blood pressure screening


tertiary prevention

helping patients recovery after disease. example: rehabilitation


ottawa charter for health promotion strategies

1. build healthy public policy - create healthy conditions
2.create supportive environments - take care of each other, our communities and our natural environment. Physical environments are healthy and safe and living and working conditions are stimulating and satisfying
3. strengthen community action - communities identify issues and work together to make changes that will enhance health
4.develop personal skills - help clients develop personal skills, enhance coping strategies and gain control over their health and environment.
5.reorient health services - to shift emphasis from treating disease to improving health and to make the health care system more efficient and effective.


maslows hierarchy of needs

self actualization - lack of prejudice, acceptance of facts. the idea of doing what you're destined to.
esteem - self esteem; how you feel about your self
social - family, friends, interactive
safety -somewhere to sleep, income, feeling secure
physiological - food, water, sleep, oxygen, sex