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What are the oragnisms that cause acute pyogenic meningitis in different age groups?

Neonates - Ecoli and GBS


Infants and Kids = Strep pneumoa


Young adults - mini epidemics = Neisseria meningitisi

Elderly - STrep pneumo and Listeria Monocytogenes 


Clinical findings for acute purulent / pyogenic meningitis? 


CSF findings? 

HA, photophosbia, irritability, clouding of consciousness, neck stiffness


CSF -- cloudy, increased neutrophils, increased protein, decreased glucose 


What are the predisposing conditions for a brain abscess? 

Bacterial endocarditis 

congenital heart disease (RL shunt) 

chronic pulmonary sepsis with dental procesdures etc 


Presentation for abrain abscess? 


Pathology of brain abscess? 

Focal deficits and increased ICP

Lesions are discrete and see central pus and debris surrounded by Hyperemic margin or fibrous collagen capsule

+vasogenic edema 



What are other bacterial infections of the brain? 

Subdural Empyema = spread from skull or sinuses and can cause herniation or mass effect


Epidural Abscess - in association with osteomyeltis, can cause spinal cord compression 


What can myocabacteria in the CNS cause? 


what pathoogy would you see? 

TB meningitis (BASILAR!) or a tuberculoma


see ganulomas with multinucleated histiocytes with Acid Fast Vacilli stain 

see caseous necrosis 


Waht are the different forms of neurosyphilis? 

Meningovascular neurosyphillis = chronic meningitis with obliterative endarterities and perivascular plasma cell infiltrate (similar to TB with basilar meningitis + Vascular compromise like minit strokes


Parenchymatous - either general paresis of insane w/ brain atrophy and dementia OR Tabes Dorsalis which is damage to Dorsal Rooty sensory neurons of SC and loss of Deep Tendon Reflexes 


What do you see with viral meningoencephalitis? 

Parenchymal infection of the brain associated with meningeal inflammation


Perivascular and Parenchymal mononuclear infiltration

Neuronophagia and Microglial activation 

sometimes see viral incluseions 


What is the presentation of