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A patient with menorrhagia, gum bleeding, and easy bruising likely has dysfunction of what aspect of the coagulation cascade?

platelet dysfunction


What will type 1 von willebrand disease look like on labs?

low Factor 8
low vWF antigen
low ristocetin cofactor activity

normal distribution of vWF factor multimer analysis


What will type 2a vWF def look like on labs?

low Factor 8
low vWF antigen
low Ristoceint cofactor activity
**decreased high molecular weight multimers on the von willebrand factor multimer analysis**


What will type 2n vWF def look like on labs?

**severely low factor 8**
normal vWF antigen
Normal ristocetin cofactor
normal multiple analysis


What will type 3 vWF def look like on labs?

very low factor 8
very low vWF antigen
very low ristocein cofactor activity

so very low in all 3!


What do the PFA-100Col/Epi and PFA-100 Col/ADP tests look at in general terms?

palatelet function

if they are prolonged, there's something wrong with how the platelets reacct to epi and ADP


What medication will increase the Col/Epi test, but not the Col/ADP test?



Will thrombocytopenia increase the PFA EPI and PFA ADP test?