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Describe incentive zoning

Encourage new development by implementing a reward based system for urban development. Development usually focuses on public benefits in the form of affordable housing, and. Other valuable community amenities


What is the primary purpose of zoning any regulations

Zoning is about protecting the rights of property owners and ensuring that long term quality of life for the Residenz


define the term non conforming use

Where the current use of the building is no longer permitted by the zoning ordinance (but once was)


How does a conditional use differ from a varience

A conditional use allows for a building in areas it is not zoned for due to its benefit and value to the public. A variance is a deviation from an ordinance grated in order to avoid an economic hardship or physical constraint.


What is the difference between a set back and an easement

setbacks regulate how close a building can come to the property lines. Easemnt grant access to the property to others, often for utilities and or municipal vehicle access


Define prescriptive code

A code that specifies specific techniques, materials, and methods allowed for use. Simple to administer but the specific code allows for little or no innovation.


Describe a performance code

A code that describes functional requirements that meet a certain standard, allowing the architect to find ways to meet those standards. The open nature of the code promotes innovation. You may have to demonstrate you are meeting the intent of the code by providing a test paid for by owner.


Describe the difference between incidental use areas and accessory use areas

Accessory use areas cannot exceed 10% of th3e total floor area allowed by the height/area table. Incidental use areas must be separated by a one-hour fire barrier that have self-closing doors with no air transfer openings and or have a fire suppression system


What is an area of refuge

A location designed to protect occupants during a fire or emergency when evacuation is not safe or possible. Typically located near the fire exits and designed to fit a wheelchair user. The area is required to have: steady supply of outside fresh air, passive fire protection, emergency lighting, and a 2 way communication or call box to a manned or outside phone lien


What are fire zones

Special areas within the building deemed high, moderate, or low hazardous for fire. The type of zone affects the types of materials and uses permitted in the zone.


How might the floor area ration impact building and site design?

The floor area ratio determines the upper limit of square footage allowable on the property based on the lot size, use, type, and fire zone. Design elements including fire separations, dampers, construction type and fire sprinklers can increase the FAR limit,


How does the type of construction of a building affect the final design

The type of construction used will determine limitations of the size and height of the building


Name the three elements involved in a means of egress system

Exit access. Exit. Exit discharge


What are riparian rights

A system of rights and responsibilities that determine the reasonable use and access for owners of waterfront property or property located a long rivers and streams


What is a fire tower

A stair built from noncombustible construction and connected with mechanically vented vestibules . Require in buildings there are 75 feet or taller


Describe three basic ppals of street design

Traffic lights are needed at intersections with more than 750 cars per hour. Grade separation is required at intersections with more than 3000 cars per hour. The maximum length on the block is 1600 feet. A 2 Lane Highway with 9 feet wide shoulders is 4242 feet wide. Roads should meet intersections at 90°. Avoid intersections where the roads are offset


What building systems must be taken into consideration during the sign development?

Is structural. Mechanical,plumbing, electrical, materials


What are four critical dimensions when laying out a parking lot design

8 foot long stall Width,18 foot long stall length, 5 feet wide access aisle between every two handicap stalls. Eight wide access aisles between van accessible space.


Name two basic requirements for public transportation

Population density of at least 30 persons per acre. Stations stops arty sign and located to keep the Maximan walking distance to 1/4-1/2 mile.


What is the Americans With Disabilities Act

The ADA is a set of prescriptive guidelines developed in 1994 the construction or out to ration of buildings to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities


How do buildings code impact building program and the design

Building clothes provide the architect with their rules of the game unique to that a specific site. Did he sign mass compliant with these specific limitations, and the building program must fit within the design limitations.


Describe the fair housing act

The purpose of the law used to protect a prospective tenant from discrimination from my seller or Landler. In addition you cannot advertise a preference for a certain race color religion or gender.


What are the three main is standers for historic preservation?

Stabilize. Protect. Repair


What are the maximum allowable ADA ramp slope and links and minimum with?

Ramps shall not be steeper than 1:12 slope. Ramps maximum run to be 30 feet and Max rise of 30 inches. Ramps shall be a minimum width of 36 inches


Why are they minimum clear width for two wheelchairs to pass, min clear floor space, and clear space between rails on a staircase

Two wheels chair is passing with 60 inches clear min.clear floor space 2' 6" wide X 4 feet long minimum


Define the following: fault rupture and lateral spreading

Fault rupture is the ground surface cracks open between two sides of a fault line during an earthquake. Lateral spreading is intense shaking during an earthquake can cause that's soil to break into blocks which separate from each other


The basic philosophy of seismic codes are

Building foundation situated in top of an earthquake fault is not expected to withstand the effects of a large earthquake.

All other structures near the fault are expected to resis the effects of an earthquake.

A building should remain intact reasonably long long enough for their occupants to exit quickly and safely
Some components of the structure it may fail, but the structure as a whole must not collapse


What Causez the greatest damage to buildings during an earthquake

Ground shaking. Cost is 99% of damage cost by earthquakes


Define liquefaction

During an e earthquake , loose, wet or sandy soil can shake so much it acts like quicksand, losing its ability to support the building


What are the four broad fire safety issue us to consider in building the sign

Occupancy group load, fire zones, type of construction, floor area and height