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What are the 5 phases performed during programming?

1 gathering data
2 establishing goals
3 mapping functions: functional and spatial requirements
4 setting priorities
5 researching requirements


Why should an architect perform a functional analysis

Because it helps to select the appropriate hierarchy of spaces for the project


True or false: programming and architectural design are completely independent of one another

True. During programming, the problems of the project are sought out and documented


What are the 3 graphic tools that can an architect use to perform a functional Analysis of the client needs?

Bubble diagram
Space matrix
Blocking and stacking diagram


What are four items that should be consider during programming?

Building function
Building form
Project budget
Project schedule


Describe the programming progress?

Discuss the goals w owner. Organize all project specific info. Determine building hierarchy of spaces. Determine priorities. Develop problem that must be solved during design.


If done correctly programming should

1 clarify the owner intentions
2 set a mutually agreed upon direction for design
3 reduce change orders during construction
4 minimize disputes between owner and architect


Why is a good idea to allow for 10-20% additional space within a programming layout?

Will allow the architect to design a building that is flexible and allows for future expansion


Arrange the following in order from the largest to smallest: total building group, space unit, activity center, component building.

1 total building group
2component building
3 Activity Center
4 space unit


Define and efficiency ratio

And efficiency rate you is a Rager of the net versus gross areas within a building. Many buildings tend to fall in the 60 to 80% efficiency range


How would you estimate the space needs required for a particular building using the index method to type?

The area office space is determined based on the amount of the Occupants required to use the space. Each occupant it's given it an area requirement in the numbers is multiplied by the number of Occupants


With regards to the project project, how are quantity and quality related?

Quality and quantity are related in that a change in one will ultimately result in a change in other. Sometimes these changes may be negative, such as if an owner decides to increase the quantity of an item in the building and thus will have to reduce the quality in order to keep the budget the same


What a three conditions are out of the architects control when it comes to cost estimates?

Goods and services cost fluctuations. Construction means and methods. Unknown site conditions.


What is the project development budget?

The budget for the entire project, including but not limited to site acquisitions, construction cost, professional services fees, permit and inspection cost, financing costs and contingencies


Name seven steps in the project development budget

Site acquisition and purchase. Construction: off – site and on – site. Professional services. Miscellaneous fees. Inspection and testing. Contingencies. Financing costs


For the programming face what are three ways cost estimates can be performed

Based on a unit cost system, such as Cosper hospital bed, Cosper theater seat. He store call data base and similar type of project previously completed. Cost per square foot


What cost estimating method is used doing the S schematic design phase

Preliminary, but still rough, estimates are based pricing on the major elements, such as structural system selected, and then mechanical electrical and plumbing systems used.


What cost estimating method is used her in the design development phase

Detailed pricing based on the actual components being considered, including windows, Curtain walls, finishes and equipment.


What causes the meeting Matt that is used during the construction documents face

A complete and final pricing on the of the project fully and complete it, based on direct quotes from supplier, installers, subcontractors and manufacturers. This pricing is final check before construction begins, and allows for relation to the design is needed to meet the budget.


What factors can have an effect on cost estimates?

Availability of labor and materials, labor rates, material prices, resources to produce the material, conveniens of transportation, location, less predictable cost in rural areas.

High interest rates equals less housing construction equals lower material prices. Increased cost of living equals increase union wages in higher labor costs.


What is the typical profit margin factor to the construction cost estimate?

15 to 20% for smaller projects
10 to 15% for large
5 to 10% for very large


What are the typical fees of MEP consultants?

Mechanical equals 15%. Electrical equals 12.5%. Civil is 10.5%. Structuralist 9.4%


Which method of compensation for architectural services reduces the risk to an architect

Direct personal expense. Instead of a multiple of employee salaries, the client is Bill for the salaries of staff working on the job, plus the cost of the benefits, and a set amount for overhead and profit. Since this is the exact cause of their employee for the architect, this approach is best for new clients


Describe our utilization

A utilization rate you is the percentage of employees billable hours divided by the total hours worked


Define a plane preliminary survey

Is the basic plan showing the boundaries, orientation and maybe some major features. This is used to prepare initial design plans.


What is the construction survey

Constructions to her but is a highly detailed plan showing the exact conditions of the site, details, existing structures, topography, upsets and benchmarks.


What is path possessions survey and why's that used

Often call as Builts reflect a project as it actually exists, reflecting all changes that may have a cord during construction from the construction documents. These are vital for any future projects and for reference in general


Name two types of surveys there are considered plane surveys

Land survey. Topographic survey


In relation to service, what are parallels and meridians?

Parallels our lines that run east west. Parlow to the earth latitude lines. Maryanns our lines to run north-south, parallel to the earth longitudinal lines


Name five typical elements that would appear on a topographic survey

Contour intervals. Crown and riches, Swales and valleys, hills, depressions