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True or false programming services are part of the scope of architects basic services.

False, programming should not be confused with schematic design. Which is included in the basic services. the owner will either provide the architect with a program or hire the architect to perform the programming service as an additional service.


What are the 3 important duties of the architect during administration of programming services

1-Confirm scope and intent of project with Owner.
2-Prepare a schedule for programming services, including milestone dates, services furnished by the architect. And completion of documentation provided by the architect.
3-submit programming documents to the owner for evaluation and approval.


What 5 actions can an architect take to utilize resource conservation during project design ?

1- Re-use existing materials on site
2-Re-use recyclable materials
3-select locally manufactured materials
4-use rapidly renewable materials
5-use wood products that have been sustainable harvested


How can the architect determine the values, goals, and objectives of the owner and users the programming phase?

1-Conduct a visioning session to discuss and prioritize values and goals that will impact the project. Prepare a written evaluation for the owners review.
2-Meet with the Owner to confirm and finalize the priorities, values and goals of the project.
3-Identify and evaluate the constraints and opportunities that will have an impact, such as government requirements, finances, and access to name a few.


What factors should an architect consider when developing spatial requirements and adjacencies?

1-Assign priority to spaces to determine most important adjacencies
2-Consider furniture and special equipment placement
3-Analyze flow patterns of occupants, vehicular traffic patterns, future needs of building, open space requirements.


After reviewing and analyzing the project data during programming, what should the architect do next?

1-identify any major unresolved programming issues.
2-Make recommendations for solutions to the unresolved programming issues to the owner.
3-Preppare and present initial report of findings for owner's review


WHat is included in the architect togs final program doc

Executive Summary, Value and goal statements
Facts, data analysis, and conclusions
Releationship and flow diagrams
Matrices identifying space allocations, relationships and functions and sizes
Special requirements and equipment such as HVAH, plumbing, acoustics, furnishings, etc.


Describe how the architect gathers programming project information and indicate what information is collected
WHat are the 3 ways the architect determines the specific space requirements of the project during programming

Architect shall compile and review existing project related documentation, such as:
-Reports on existing facilities, site surveys, applicable codes, historical documents, and planning standards.
-Architect shall conduct a walkthrough of the existing facilities and/or site with the owner to prepare a space inventory, identify traffic and circulation patterns, and use levels.


What are considered additional services during the programming phase?

-Multiple site evaluations
-site suitability and planning
-master planning
-Preliminary design and cost estimating
-scheduling and market analysis
-Detailed existing facility evaluation
-Environmental suitability
-Services in support of owners other consultant


Site evaluation and planning is considered an additional service during programming. What are the architects first steps during the process?

-Prepare schedule for site evatulation and planning services that identifies fmilestone dates, services furnished by the architect, and completion of documentation provided by the arhcietct.
2- Submit documents to the owner for evaluation and approval
30-Assist wonder in filling documents required for approval of governing and reviewing authorities


Should costs for Labor, materials, and equipment be included in the preliminary cost of work estimate from the architect?

No, these costs are considered construction costs and due to the market and economic fluctuations, the architect has no control over how these prices shift. Also, according to the standard Owner/Architect agreement this is not part of the architect's basic scope of services.


What is the importance of including input from user groups during programming?

In order to fully understand any assumptions and to verify analysis data, such as space planning, adjacencies and function, it is important that the architect collect information from end users to make sure the building will function adequately once completed


Name 5 services that could be specifically designated as the architects responsibility during site evaluation and planning

1-program analysis- areas required for building, parking, circulation, open space, etc.
2-Site analysis and selection-existing conditions study, assist owner in selecting site
3-cultural factor analysis- research history of the site and analyze impact of development.
4-environmental studies- determine impact of project on environment
5-economic analysis- impact on development cost.


What graphic tools can an architect use that help develop the project during programming

1-bubble diagram
-flow diagram
-diagrams should also display a clear hierarchy of spaces


The owner has requested the architect to develop the program as an additional service. What must the owner provide to the architect?

1-project goals and values
-requirements for the building
3-project schedule
4-project budget


How do local zoning codes affect design during programming

The local zoning codes will be concerned with the permitted use of the site, min area requirements for the building type, height limitations, total lot coverage or FAR, Set back dimensions around the building, and the quantity of off-street parking requirements


What kind of programming requirements would need to be considered for the design of a fire station?

1-Needs of the firefighters and staff
2-adequate spaces for necessary equipment
3-administrative and sleeping facilities
4-Size and requirements for fire truck bays.


An owner has chosen to skip the programming phase to save money. How should the architect respond?

Unless the owner has a fair amount of previous experience with the project type, Programming should not be omitted as it is an important stage to determine project goals and potential solutions. Though the owner may perceive cutting programming as an initial cost savings, the budget may be negatively affected due to potential changes in the later design and construction phases


What issues should the architect consider during programming that will be a concern of the local building department?

Even though programming is the initial stage of design, local building department concerns should be taken into account for the following.
1-fire department access and egress
2-Life safety
3-Buidling type and occupancy separations
4-Accessibility for both the site and building


Who is responsible for all the decisions regarding design during programing?

The owner.