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define developmental disabilities

an umbrella term that includes intellectual disability but also includes other disabilities that are apparent during childhood

developmental disabilities are severe chronic disabilities that can be cognitive or physical or both


developmental disabilities typically manifest before the age of

22 and are likely to be lifelong


some developmental disabilities are largely physical issues such as ___ or have a condition that includes a physical and intellectual disability for example __

cerebral palsy or epilepsy
down syndrome or fetal alcohol syndrome


intellectual disability encompasses what

the cognitive part of the developmental disability definition
the disability is broadly related to thought processes and intellectual and developmental disabilities often co-occur


define intellectual disabilities

also known as developmental delay or mental retardation are a group of disorders defined by diminished cognitive and adaptive development. affecting more males then females they are diagnosed in between 1 and 3% of the population


developmental disabilities results in functional limitations in three or more areas

self care
reception and expressive language
self direction (motivation)
the capacity for independent living
economic self sufficiency


intellectual disabilities originates before age __ and may result from physical causes as in the case of autism or cerebral palsy or from nonphysical causes such as extreme environmental deprivation, lack of stimulation and adult responsiveness



an individual is considered to have an intellectual disability based on the following three criteria

intellectual functioning level (IQ) is below 70-75
significant limitations exist in two or more adaptive skill areas
the condition manifests itself before the age of 18


intellectual disability has other tests to determine limitations in adaptive behaviour which covers three types of skills

conceptual skills
social skills
practical skills


levels of intellectual disabilities

mild intellectual disability (85%) iq - 55-70
moderate intellectual disability (10%) iq 30-55
severe intellectual disability (3-4%) iq-under 30
profound intellectual disability (1-2%)


4 levels of support for individuals with intellectual disabilities

no support
minimal support
substantial/extensive support
pervasive/consistent support


causes and types of intellectual disability

nervous system
sensory system
brain injury or illness
secondary causes


people with learning disabilities have average to ____average intelligence but

encounter barriers to functioning up to their full cognitive potential


what are some different types of learning disabilities

dyscalculla- problems with arithmetic
dyslexia - difficulty with written or spoken info
dysgraphia - impaired ability to learn to write
developmental aphasia, dysnomia, expressive language- spelling understanding or using verbal/nonverbal


what is attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD)

a disorder that includes difficulty staying focused and paying attention difficulty controlling behaviour and hyperactivity
NOT technically classified as a learning disability
most kids who have ADHD also have a learning disability and the two together are very challenging