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what does the ICF stand for

international classification of functioning, disability and health


who developed the ICF



what is the ICF

designed to create a new perspective or framework for conceptualizing describing and organizing information of functioning and disability related to the health of persons with disabilities
definition and measurement of health and disability


what does the ICF emphasize

functional health; can still be healthy even if you live with a chronic disease


what are the aims of ICF

provide a scientific basis for understanding and studying health and health related states outcomes determinants and changes in health status and functioning

establish a common language

permit comparison of data

provide a systematic coding scheme for health information systems


what is the history of the ICF

there was a disjointed approach with treating individuals with health conditions so in 2001 the WHO adopted the ICF
ICF-CY (children/youth) was made in 2007
70 countries adopted ICF


what are the three evolution of disability models

medical model- pathology emphasis
social model - social and environmental barriers create the disability
biopsychosocial model - both; the ICF model


think about how the ICF is different or the same as the medical model

ICF is more broad
ICF sees disability as barriers and not just health


what are the four underlying principles of the ICF

universality- applicable to all people irrespective of health conditions and in all physical social and cultural contexts; acknowledges anyone can have a disability
not to label people with disabilities as a separate group of people

parity and aetiological- not an explicit or implicit distinction between different health conditions whether mental or physical; all health conditions on equal footing

neutrality - neutral language, so it can be used to classify both positive or negative aspects of functioning and disability

environmental influence - the ICF includes environmental factors in recognition of the important role of environment in peoples functioning


disability is an umbrella term...

impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions


disability is not just a health problem

it is complex reflecting on the interaction between features of a persons body and features of the society


functioning is an umbrella term...

the body function, body structures, activities and participation


define body functions

the physiological functions of body systems


define body structures

anatomical parts of the body such as organs limbs and their components


define impairments

problems in a body function and structure such as significant deviation or loss


define activity

the execution of task or action by an individual


define participation

involvement in a life situation


define activity limitations

difficulties an individual may have in executing activities


define participation restrictions

problems an individual may experience in involvement in life situations


define environmental factors

the physical social and attitudinal environment in which people live and conduct their lives. barriers


define health condition

the term health condition is the framework heading of the diagnosed condition or disease relevant to the person


define personal factors

the domain of personal factors has yet to be coded by the WHO as a result of the great number of possibilities for personal attributes to be considered within this area


note that the personal factors are apart of the interactive model but not the



what is the components of the ICF hierarchically arranged domains

sets of related physiological functions anatomical structures actions tasks areas of life and external influences


the ICF is a framework and classification system on which

tools for measuring or assessing individual functioning may be based and to which they can be mapped


define qualifiers

are codes used to record the extent of functioning or disability in a domain or category or the extent to which an environmental factor is a facilitator or barrier


a uniform or generic qualifier is

provided to record the extent of the problem in relation to impairment activity limitation and participation restriction


what is the environmental factors qualifier

uses both a positive and negative scale to indicate the extent to which an environmental factor acts as either a facilitator or barrier to functioning


two constructs are _ and_ can be used in operationalising the qualifier scale for the activities and participation domains

performance and capacity
these constructs provide a way of indicating how the environment impacts on a persons activities and participation and how environmental change may improve a persons functioning


define capacity

relates to what an individual can do in a standardized environment. this often involve some kind of clinical assessment