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What is collaboration?

A cooperative arrangement in which two or more parties (which may or may not have had a previous relationship) work jointly toward a common goal.


How do you track quality assurance?

With incident/variance reports to determine if it is a systemic or individual problem.


What pts do community health nursing focus on?

Focuses on the health of individuals, families, and groups.
Focuses on how their individual health affects the community as a whole.
e.g- home health nursing


What pts do public health nursing focus on?

Focuses on the community at large and the eventual effect of the community's health status on the health of individuals, family and groups.


What is community oriented nursing?

Combines both community & public health.


What is the goal for managed care health care systems?

To provide cost-effective quality care focusing on decreased costs and improved outcomes for groups of clients.


Who collaborates?

Health care providers and agencies COLLABORATE to render the most appropriate, fiscally responsible care possible.


What are the levels of Health Care?

Level 1- Primary Care: health promotion, preventive services, health education and screening for early detection of healthcare problems.
Level 2- Secondary Care: consists of services to diagnose and treat illness, disease and injury. Usually though of this as hospital based care, but, increasingly these services are being performed in surgery centers, offices, and outpatient centers (cheaper).
Level 3- Tertiary Care: refers to LT rehabilitation services and care for the dying.


Why is patient advocacy important?

To safeguard clients against abuse and violation of their rights.
It is our job. Nurses have special knowledge the client does not have.


What is the 3 nurses responsibilities?

Inform, support, communicate.


Examples of primary health protection?

activities to slow/prevent onset of disease: exercise, diet, stress reduction, pre-natal, quit smoking.


Examples of secondary health protection?

annual exams, self breast and testicular exams.


Examples of tertiary health protection?

activity to eradicate disease, surgery, removing cysts, sliding scale, glucose tabs check


what 3 things does decentralization include?

1. Responsibility
2. Accountability
3. Authority


who does the delegation?

RNs not CNAs


what 2 things are missing in regards to delegation and R.A.A?

Responsibility and Accountability.