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What are the FOUR sources of UK law?


Common law

European Union law

European Convention on Human Rights


What is UK legislation?

Acts of Parliament, regulations (legislation created by ministers without a new Act of Parliament), byelaws (rules/laws established by an organisation to regulate itself)


What is UK common law?

The body of law derived from judicial decisions of courts


What does criminal law cover?

Offence against society – the crown prosecutes those accused of breaking laws


What does civil law cover?

Offence against an individual or other private party covers contracts, negligence, family matters, employment and land law


What is an example of common law in your field of work?

Common law tenancy: means the agreement between you and your landlord is not regulated by a particular law; instead it's covered by the contract between you and your landlord and laws from court judgements over many years

It's likely you'll have a common law tenancy if:
you are a tenant - meaning you have permission to live in the landlord's property and you pay them rent, and
your tenancy is not an 'statutory tenancy' - e.g. is not an assured, short assured, regulated, Scottish secure, short Scottish secure tenancy, private residential tenancy, or a tenancy regulated by another law