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Illegal encampment clean up operations will be coordinated by the agency of jurisdiction:

- City of San Jose homeless helpline: Homeless encampment along city creeks.
- Santa Clara Valley Water District: creek area
- Cal Trans: Overpasses/underpasses/freeways.
- Union Pacific Railroad property: near railroad tracks.
- Private property.


Homeless seeking help.

Homeless Helpline. Operated by Homefirst.


Homeless concerns. Housing department staff will response within three days to:

1. Acknowledge concern(s).
2. Collect additional details.


Reporting non-moving vehicles.

Public Streets and Sidewalks:
The Vehicle Abatement Program is managed by the Department of Transportation, On-Street Parking Program. Issues concerning abandoned autos on public streets or sidewalks may be addressed by visiting their website.


Issues concerning abandoned autos or other parking problems on private property may be addressed to

Code enforcement.


Once the recyclables are placed in a designated recycle container provided by a designated recycle collector the contents becomes the property of the designated recycle collector. If the recyclables are taken by unauthorized persons it constitutes theft.

If a person steals your recyclables you should do the following:

1. Do not approach or contact the subject.
2. If safety permits, obtain a description of the subject.
3. If the recycling bins are on the street or curb call 311 with suspect details. Cellular callers may need to dial (408) 277-8900.
4. If the recycling bins are in your back yard and you feel threatened, you should call 911 with suspect details.

• Although, you may feel this is a harmless crime, scavenging presents an opportunity for individuals to check out your alley, garage and home. They may want more than your recyclables and could come back later to burglarize your garage or home.

• Be alert and report suspicious people or vehicles in your neighborhood. This includes strangers walking down your alley looking in garages, loitering, or vehicles circling the block with occupants you do not recognize.

• Put your neighborhood watch force to work. Communicate with your neighbors regularly and organize a block club meeting to discuss safety issues and security on your block.


STOP program.

Home owners, building owners and persons in lawful possession or in charge of a property are asked to fill out and send the provided form to the Police Department. This will authorize us to take enforcement action on your private property. Many times without you or your agent actually being present. Officers becomes and agent of the property owner.

The Police Department begins with educating violators about their actions and then provides alternate avenues for food, clothing, shelter, and other assistance. Subsequent contacts may result in citations and arrests for repeat offenders.



is an opportunity to meet face-to-face with representatives of your police department to discuss and work to solve problems in your community, or to keep the problems from starting in the first place!



call Crime Prevention at (408) 277-4133. The Crime Prevention Specialist who represents the area of San Jose in which you live will work with you to schedule the meeting date (usually at least four to six weeks notice is required). Invitation notices will be sent to you to distribute to your neighbors.


Neighborhood watch.

Neighborhood Watch focuses on informing the community how to discourage, deter and prevent crimes such as burglary, auto theft, car break-ins, and personal crimes which often occur in or near homes. Issues such as vandalism, graffiti, drug dealing and gang activity are also addressed when applicable.


National Night Out is designed to:

• Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness.
• Generate support for, and participation in, local anti-crime efforts.
• Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police/community partnerships.
• Send a message to criminals letting them know neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.


Crime Prevention Public Presentation

• Bullying
• Business Watch
• Child Safety
• Crime Prevention Overview
• Cyberbullying/Internet Safety
• Drug Awareness
• Environmental Design – CPTED
• Fraud Prevention
• Gang Awareness
• Identity Theft
• National Night Out
• Neighborhood Watch
• Personal Safety
• Safety Fair
• Senior Security


Register Your Security Camera

The City of San José wants your help in fighting crime by taking part in the Camera Registry Program (CRP). The CRP allows residents and business owners to register the locations of their video surveillance systems with the City. When a crime occurs, police will be able to identify the locations of nearby video cameras and enlist the assistance of the community to help officers collect video evidence and follow up on leads.


College Intern Volunteer Program (VOLT)

An intern is a non-paid Department member.
• Intern's receive college credit for their work during their internship in the program.
• Interns are required to volunteer anywhere from 120 to 300 hours of service, or complete a specified project.
Interns have an opportunity to work interesting assignments. They are encouraged to use their talents and develop new skills. The department benefits from the exceptional talent within the college community, serving to enhance the delivery of services and special programs.


Non-College VOLT Volunteer Opportunities

Skilled volunteers provide a variety of services to support the department such as:

• providing administrative support
• photo processing
• assisting with department tours
• assisting with recruiting and oral boards.


Crime Prevention Specialists provide many services:

• Liaisons
Crime Prevention Specialists act as liaisons between the police department and the community, providing a consistent and personal point of contact.
• Resource and Referral
Crime Prevention Specialists are available to answer questions, provide information and give referrals to the general public regarding matters related to crime prevention and quality of life issues.
• Speakers Bureau
Crime Prevention Specialists provide presentations to groups covering a variety of crime prevention topics.


School Safety and Education Unit

The School Safety and Education Unit is responsible for contributing to the safety of school age children as they travel to and from school. This is accomplished by providing Adult Crossing Guards at designated intersections throughout the City, and providing training, guidance and supervision to the student safety patrols and their adult advisors. The Unit also provides safety education programs and presentations to area schools and at community events. These presentations specifically address the topics of pedestrian and bicycle safety. The Unit provides departmental liaison between the Police Department, school districts and administrators, and other mutually concerned groups and organizations


The School Safety & Education Unit provides 3 major services:

Crossing Guard Program

Recruit, hire, train and supervise Crossing Guards to serve at the authorized Crossing Guard locations. Currently the unit is responsible for 188 Crossing Guards at 114 locations throughout San Jose. The unit’s goal is to maintain a sufficient number of Crossing Guards in order to staff the maximum number of approved crossing locations within San Jose.

School Safety Patrol
Provide initial Safety Patrol training to 4th and 5th grade students and their adult advisors. Support safety patrol programs with inspection and evaluation of Student Safety Patrols.

Community Presentations
Educate youth on Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety issues by conducting presentations at community events.


What is TEAM Kids

The TEAM Kids program allows patrol officers to visit elementary schools with 6 weekly visits to build positive relationships between the police, students, staff and parents. The primary goal of the program is to support crime prevention and youth safety with an emphasis on gang prevention education.


Team kids five core lesson designed to build upon one another and includes:

• Five Core Lessons are designed
1. Zero Tolerance
2. Choices and Consequences
3. Peer Pressure
4. Bullying & Harassment Prevention
5. Gang Prevention


Team kids program targets which audience?

The senior grade students at the school are the target audience as they are often looked upon as leaders in the school. However, based on the needs of the school, younger students may also be an appropriate audience. Enlisting the groups buy-in to set a gang prevention climate can have positive ripple effects upon other students.


Based on the department’s Challenges and Choices program, the curriculum development team found that a ___________ ________ group is most effective to teach a lesson plan. Each class visit is suggested to be 45-60 minutes, once a week, for at least six weeks. Crime Prevention Specialists also support the program and often help facilitate classroom learning.

Classroom size


Crimemapping has been developed by The Omega Group. It will help the San Jose Police Department provide the public with information about recent crime activity in their neighborhood.


Crimereports is an online mapping and analysis service provided by Motorola Solutions, Inc., headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois. combines the value of police data with the ease-of-use of Internet-based mapping and an analytics module so that members of the public can view police data in a high-impact map or summary descriptive format. Members of the public may also sign up to receive free email alerts based on user-defined parameters (e.g., geography, crime types, frequency, etc.).


UCR Crime Report

FBI's Uniform Crime Report (UCR) publication, “Crime in the United States”. This volume is a collection of data submitted by local, state and county law enforcement agencies utilizing a standardized set of reporting criteria through the Uniform Crime Reporting program.


Community solutions

We provide critical services for children, teens, adults, and families who are facing times of crisis, ranging from mental health and substance use challenges to domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.


Family justice center

Provides a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who coordinate services and resources in one centralized location. Services offered include: advocacy/counseling, legal services, law enforcement investigators who specialist in domestic violence/stalking, on-site attorney, and referrals to 24-hour emergency shelters.


Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

MADD provides victim assistance, case watching, education, public awareness and monitoring legislation issues as they apply to drinking and driving.


Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence

Next Door provides counseling, emergency shelter, legal assistance, a 24-hour hotline, and other services for victims of domestic violence


Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office

The DA's office has specialized teams to enhance services to victims, including Domestic Violence, Robbery, Assault, Vehicular Crime, Child Abduction, Elder and Child Abuse, Consumer Fraud, Homicide and Sexual Assault.