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What is the Mission of the Robbery Unit?

a. To conduct all investigations with an emphasis on:
i. Procedural justice (means fairness in policing)
ii. Transparency
iii. Objectivity
iiii. Thoroughness
v. Compassion for the victims
vi. Accountability for (S)’s

b. Robbery Unit investigates: (RECKG)
i. Robberies
ii. Carjackings
iii. Extortions
iiii. Grand thefts of purses – “purse snatches”
v. Kidnappings


What is the statute of limitation for a crime that is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for 8 years or more? (penal code section 800)

6 years


Name the two (2) request forms available on the Robbery Unit home page?

a. Video Request Form
b. Sketch Artist Request Form


Name the two (2) request forms available on the Robbery Unit home page?

a. Video Request Form
b. Sketch Artist Request Form


What is the command structure in Robbery and above?

a. Deputy chief – Shawny Williams
b. Captain – Edward Shroeder
c. Acting LT - Jaime Jimenez
d. Sgt – Ray Vaughn and ??????


When are Unit Meetings?

a. Every Wednesday
b. Detectives must be prepared to discuss current cases
c. Detectives must notify their Sgt if they cannot attend


What is the On Call procedure?

a. After hours Robbery investigations belong to Night Detectives or BOI On-Call Detective.


Name the devices used to determine the exact location of an active cell phone?

a. Stingray
i. An electronic surveillance device for remotely capturing data from cell phones
ii. It’s designed to simulate a cell phone tower and capture information
1. location data
2. can even get data when the cell phone is NOT IN USE

b. Triggerfish
i. Tracks cell phone by mobile vehicle
ii. Mimics a cell tower to force cell phones to reveal their numbers, serial numbers, and location
iii. Court order required
iiii. Deductive reasoning

c. King Fish
i. Military cell phone tracking system developed by Harris Corp.

d. These devices are made by Harris Corp.

e. ESU in CRU is the key to quick apprehension


Who has Stingray and Triggerfish?

b. Sacramento County S.O.
c. Oakland PD
d. U.S. Marshalls


What is the ESU unit

a. Electronic Surveillance Unit in CRU
i. Run by Tom Mun and Stephen Rafala

b. ESU handles the phone tracking

c. Go to ESU for Pen Regs warrant

d. Will do the live Pings and Pen Regs
i. Can have cell phone companies give up to date info on cell phone user

e. Also uses Triggerfish
i. A mobile cell tower so that they can triangulate on the cell phone user


Name some photo databases?

a. CalPhoto
b. CalGang
c. SJPD Photo database - MUGS
d. Santa Clara County Photo database – MUGS
e. Parole LEADS
f. Socia media
g. Coplink


Name systems used to run out persons, vehicles, phones, addresses?

a. RMS
b. Coplink
e. CalGang
f. Parole LEADS
g. LPR
h. Accurint
i. LA Clear
j. TLO
k. Crime analysis
l. Intelius
m. Social media (Facebook, etc)
o. Baynin


What are the (3) benefits of a composite sketch for a patrol officer looking for a suspect who has not been identified?

i. Eliminates many classes of suspects
1. based on race, sex, age, build, scars, and deformities

ii. Helps the officer focus attention on suspects who closely match the witness description

iii. Provides the officer with sufficient reasonable suspicion to stop and question a subject who resembles the drawing


Name the two companies that manufacture and support bank robbery tracking devices?

- 3si


What are the new cell phone S/W laws? (Five)

a. SB-178 or CalECPA (California Electronic Communications Protections Act)

b. Effective on 1/1/16

c. I/O must specify the time frame and data to be searched in S/W

d. Cannot randomly take all data

e. Includes:​
i. Digital records
ii. Emails
iii. Text messages
iiii. Users geographical data
v. Applies to online services that store your data as well


According to 821PC, what is required of a detective who arrests a 211 suspect outside the county with no bail Felony arrest warrant who wants to return the suspect where the warrant originated?

Nothing - no right to bail hearing in the county where the suspect was arrested.

If outside agency’s officer made the arrest:

- 5 calendars days to take custody of suspect within 400 miles away.
- 5 court days to take custody of suspect further than 400 miles away.


According to 821PC, what is required when a 211 suspect is arrested outside the county on an arrest warrant that has a bail amazing, and an officer wants to return the suspect to the county where the warrant was issued?

a. Suspect must be given a written notice that he has the right to appear before a judge in the county of arrest for the limited purpose of posting bail or seeking bail reduction. If suspect waive right, then he can be transported to the county where the warrant was issued.

Note: If the suspect invokes his right to an immediate bail hearing, he must be promptly taken before a judge in the county of arrest. If he is unable able to post bail “forthwith,” he may be transported to the prosecuting county.8 If he posts bail and is released, the judge must order him to appear before a judge in the prosecuting county on a date certain, but no more than 25 days after he is released.


What is a pole camera?

a. A camera attached to an electrical pole that establishes long term surveillance of a target
residence so you can watch it on a computer.

b. Does not require a search


Who is a Case Coordinator and what do they do in the Robbery Unit? (Part of Case Management)

a. Sgt will be the Case Coordinator.
i. Case Coordinator will identify patterns or string cases
1. Similar/string cases to the same detective

b. If a case is assigned to one detective and then it is found to be part of a string for another detective…
i. Then assign to the original detective (first in time) to handle

c. Case Coordinator will enter into Versadex which detective is assigned the case

d. CC will maintain an ongoing spreadsheet in “G” drive called “Cases Assigned”
i. Quick reference to assigned detective
ii. Case number
iii. Date and time of crime
iiii. Location of crime
v. Summary of crime
vi. Suspect description
vii. Suspect vehicle
e. When a case is closed
i. Submit through Versadex in the Robbery Handle
ii. Sgt will review for approval or rejection for more follow up


Case assignments should be prioritized by considering the following solvability factors:

a. Suspect in custody
b. Known suspect
c. High profile cases or media interest
d. Hate crimes
e. Crimes against the elderly
f. Serial cases
g. High dollar loss
h. High tech commercial takeover robberies
i. Crimes involving serious injuries or violence
j. Multijurisdictional serial cases
i. Investigative task force operations
k. Cases with poor or sketchy information
l. Possible suspect
i. Partial name or moniker
m. Possible or partial license plate number
n. (V) did not see the (S)
o. (S) was masked
p. (V) will not or cannot ID the (S)
q. Uncooperative (V)
r. Case is unfounded


How many days are cases due by after assignment?

a. 90 days
b. Cases older than 90 days must have notes as to why it’s still open
c. Sgt. can extend an additional 60 days


Does the Robbery Unit have an internal database pre-Versadex?

a. Yes, it does

b. Supervisors may access this database

c. Provides the following informations:
i. Case number
ii. Date and day/time of incident
iii. (V)’s name or business
iiii. Location
v. Type of crime
1. Armed robbery
2. Strong-arm robbery
3. Bank
4. Extortion
vi. Loss
1. Type of property or amount
vii. Type of weapon used
viii. Vehicle
1. Description and license plate
ix. Name and ID of information on arrestees
1. Include PFN and CEN numbers
x. Detective assigned
xi. Disposition


What is a “double blind” photo lineup?

When both the witness viewing the photo lineup and the detective showing the lineup do not know which photos is believed to be the suspect of the crime.


What should be included in case notes? (Part of Investigation Guidelines)

a. Detailed log of all investigative activities
i. Contacts with Victims and Witnesses
ii. Attempts to contact
iii. Interviews
iiii. Supplemental info
v. Recorded info
vi. Any other appropriate activity
vii. Phone numbers


Where should the follow up investigation go in a G.O.?

a. In the “follow up” section in the G.O.
i. Includes cases closed and not filed with the DA’S


What are “Props”?

a. A technique used by the police during an interview or interrogation where the investigator alludes to have evidence which the officer does not have in order to get an admission or a confession.

b. Use this very carefully to avoid a false confession.

c. Props are allowed in Robbery but must be fully documented in their report.

d. Any Props must be marked as such and retained as evidence in the case.

e. No counterfeit documents during the interrogation.
i. Only official documents with the name, seal, logo, letterhead, and signature of a real organization or person.


You get an in-progress robbery. What are the most basic steps? (10)

a. Respond to the scene immediately
b. Victim info
c. Where it occurred
d. Canvass
e. Pix car
f. TRAK flyer
g. Vehicle of suspect
h. BOL
j. Chain of command

Use - Read Very Wild Cartoons Plus Trap Very Big Motor Cycles.


What is the role of a “Backup Detective”?

a. Used in major robbery string investigations
b. Selected by primary assigned detective
c. Will have a strong working knowledge with the case and will assist
i. Will work in absence of primary I/O
d. Case Coordinator will be advised of the backup detective


31. What are the (3) gun enhancement which are imposed when a Suspect uses a firearm during a 211?

a. Per 12022.53PC for 207, 211,215, etc
b. Did the (S) fire a shot or not?
i. 10 years if gun used
ii. 20 years if gun used and shots fired
iii. 25-life if shots fired and caused injury

a. Per 12022.53PC for 207, 211,215, etc
b. Did the (S) fire a shot or not?
i. 10 years if gun used
ii. 20 years if gun used and shots fired
iii. 25-life if shots fired and caused injury


What is the process behind contacting a Victim?

a. Contact the (V) as soon as possible

b. Run out the (V)

c. Arrange for a follow up interview
i. Ideally, the (V) should be interviewed in person in the Robbery Interview Rooms
1. Must be recorded

d. Can be interviewed by telephone

e. Can the (V) ID the (S)?

f. Can the (V) provide other witnesses?

g. Is the (V) cooperative?

i. Willing to pursue this case?

h. Is the (V) injured and need to get photographed?

i. If no phone number for the (V), then
i. Attempt to contact the (V) at their home listed in G.O. or
ii. Send “Victim Letter” to the (V)
1. Can be found with Unit secretary

j. Maintain contact with the (V) to keep them updated with the investigation

k. Refer the (V) to Victim/Witness Assistance Program or mental health care agency to cope with trauma

l. Leave business card with (V)