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The mission of the Office of the Independent Police Auditor is four-fold: chose all that applies

A. to provide independent oversight of and instill confidence in the complaint process through objective review of police misconduct investigations.
B. to conduct outreach to the San José community.
C. to propose thoughtful policy recommendations to the San José Police Department.
D. to strengthen the relationship between the San José Police Department and the community it serves.

All of the above


The Office of the Independent Police Auditor was enacted on?

A. November 6, 1996
B. December 1, 1993
C. January 7, 1995
D. February 14, 1994

A. November 6, 1996


The San José Municipal Code requires that the IPA prepare an annual report. The Municipal Code further specifies that the report provide: chose all that applies

A. a statistical analysis of complaints.
B. an analysis of trends and patterns.
C. Crime prevention recommendations.
D. policy recommendations.

A, B, and D

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The number of officer misconduct complaints has decreased steadily since 2013.

True or false


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