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What is blood plasma?

A yellowish coloured liquid that transports nutrients , hormones and proteins to parts of the body that need it. Cells also deposit their waste into the plasma (Makes up 55% of the blood).


What are the function of red blood Cells?

To pick up oxygen from the lungs and carry it to where it is need across the body


Name the 3 adaptations of red blood cells

1) Concave- given a larger surface area for diffusion
2) Packed with Haemoglobin- that binds to oxygen
3) No nucleus- more room for haemoglobin


What are white blood cells?

Contain no nucleus and are part of the bodies defence system against harmful microorganisms (bigger that red blood cells, but less of them)


What are platelets?

Tiny blood cells, with no nucleus, that help form clots to stop bleeding areas of the body


Name the 3 different ways white blood cells deal with harmful microorganisms

1) Form antibodies against microorganism (lymphocytes)
2) Form antitoxins against poison made by microorganisms
3) Engulf and digest invading bacteria and viruses (phagocytes)