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Describe the effects of exercise on respiration

It increases the breathing rate


Explain the effects of exercise on respiration

The heart rate increases during exercise. The rate and depth of breathing increases - this makes sure that more oxygen is absorbed into the blood, and more carbon dioxide is removed from it.


Compare aerobic to anaerobic respiration

Anaerobic respiration is less efficient, produces much less energy and creates an 'oxygen debt'. However it is good for short periods of time where bursts or energy are required


What is anaerobic respiration

Respiration without the use of oxygen


Compare anaerobic respiration in animals, bacteria and yeast

when plants respire anaerobically instead of lactic acid they produce ethanol (and carbon dioxide), this is the same with other microorganisms like yeast
- however some microorganism still produce lactic acid during anaerobic respiration, for example the bacteria used to form yoghurts