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What is this:
a physician’s willingness to put patients’ interests ahead of personal profit as well as a willingness to make personal sacrifices and assume some personal risk.

Fiduciary relationship


What guides a fiduciary relationship?



What are the three reasons a doctor can refuse to care for a patient?

adversarial doctor-patient relationship
threat to personal safety
personal moral objections


(blank) are laws that allow medical providers to refuse to provide services and medically necessary treatment to which they have religious or moral objections.

conscious clauses/ refusal clauses


What happened in 1973 and 1978 that created the foundation for consciencous objections?

1973-> roe v wade
1973-> church amendment-> first conscious clause to be enacted into law
1978-> almost all states legalized conscience clause legislations


What is the omnibus consolidates recissions and appropriations act of 1996?

can't discriminate against individuals who do not want to train or do abortions or against training facilitates that refuse to train for abortions


What is the 1997 new medicaid requirement?

if you dont want to tell people that they have the option to get abortion you do not have to


What was the weldon amendment of 2004?

said doctors dont have to do abortions or have the materials for abortion


Who is considered a health care entity?

Physicians, post-graduate physician training programs, and participants in health professional training programs.
Recent legislation has proposed to expand this definition


What is the conflict you have with refusing health care?

patient autonomy vs HCP right of conscience


Is autonomy absolute?

no, if a physician can conscientiously object. AS LONG AS the physician provides info to where she can find someone else and as long as the physicians refusal doesnt endanger the impatients life or serious harm


Do you have to perform a procedure you don't want to if it is an emergency?



What are not allowed at a catholic hospital?

abortions, and sterilizations


How are pharamacists regulated as to be conscienctious objectors?

varies by state
(may be forced to provide meds, sometimes may not)


When do you have to refer a patient?

after you have an established relationship with a patient


If you have moral objection what should you do when you first meet your patients?

tell them what you are not willing to do.