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Cool, acrid herbs are used in treating wind-heat patterns with such symptoms as relatively _____ ____ with mild chills and ____ _____. Some of these substances are also effective in ______ _____ or treating _____ problems due to wind-heat.

severe fever, sore throat, venting rashes, eye


This herb is aromatic, it treats Liver Qi stagnation – emotional, gynecological disorders. It opens the orifice of the eye and expels turbid filth. It is in

Bo He/Menthe Haplo H.


This herb is COLD. It is used for toxic heat causing sore throat. It is the #1 sore throat herb. It moistens the intestines. And it's in Yin Chao San.

Niu Bang Zi/Arctium Fruc.


This herb is used for loss of voice, it vents rashes, is used for red-painful-swollen eyes, blurry vision, it stops infantile wind. It is used for internal wind, spasms, ticks, convulsions (usually from Blood and Yin deficiency). It is one of the #1 for Itchy Rash.

Chan Tui/Cicada Perio.


This herb is used for dry sore throat, dry mouth, dry cough. It clears the Liver: red, sore, dry painful eyes, floaters. It cools blood and stops bleeding.

Sang Ye/Mori Fol.


This herb is used for stiffness in the back and neck, it alleviates thirst with stomach heat, it vents measles, it generates fluids but also treats diarrhea. It directs to the upper back and neck. It goes to the muscle layer (harmonizes ying and wei), and acts on the Wei Level.

Ge Gen/Pueraria Rad.


This herb is the #1 eye herb. It calms the Liver (for dizziness, headache, deafness, blurred vision.) It is used for Liver Yang Rising and treats hypertension.

Ju Hua/Chrysanthemum Fl.


This herbs guides up. It is very ascending. It is often used as the chief ingredient in harmonizing formulas. It guides to the Gall Bladder and San Jiao channels. It works on the Chest and Ribs.

Chai Hu/Bupleurum Rad.


This herb eliminates vexation, irritability, restlessness, and insomnia. It treats heat in the chest. It disseminates and disperses constrained heat above the diaphragm.

Dan Dou Chi (Prepared Soybean)


This herb is prescribed 1.5-9grams. In too high a dose, it is toxic. It releases the exterior, vents measles - accelerates early stage of skin rash. It is used for swelling, painful, sore gums, lips, and throat. It raises yang, for Spleen Qi sinking.

Sheng Ma (Black Cohosh Rhizome)


This herb is another main eye herb. It is good for bi-syndrome. It is good for headache with eye pain. It is good for wind heat in the Liver with excessive tearing, red, painful, swollen eyes, with floaters.

Man Jin Zi (Vitex Fruit)