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Name the 5 tastes and their main actions.

bitter - promotes digestion, detoxifies, stimulates peristalsis
sweet - tonifies ST/SP
spicy - promotes sweating
sour - astringes
salty - dissolves masses, goes to KI and bones
bland - promotes draining down, urination, treats edema


Minerals are generally cooked for:

30-60 minutes prior to adding other ingredients


The _____ directs the action of the other herbs in the formula. It comprises the main ingredients of the formula.

Principle or Chief


The 8 Traditional Methods of Chinese Herbal Medicine:

clear, tonify, harmonize, reduce, sweat, warm, vomit, purge


A qian equals approx:

3 grams


Generally herbs are dosed at _______ per herb and formulas are consumed 2-3x a day.



A strong formula in the release exterior cooling category that is used to treat flu and influenza is

yin chao san


Herbs that release the Exterior generally enter what channel and what level?

The Lungs and Wei Level


What physiological effect do Herbs that Release the Exterior have on the body? (What do they cause the body to do?) What's the Western term for this action?

They cause the body to sweat. This is known as diaphoresis.


Ma Huang - ephedra has what kind of effect on the central nervous system? So it must be used with caution in what kind of situations?

Ma Huang causes accelerated heart rate. Must be used with caution in patients with hypertension.


The ______directs or focuses the formula on a certain channel or area of the body or harmonizes and integrates the actions of the other ingredients.



Which of the following is most useful for occipital headache?
a. bai zhi
b. qiang huo
c. gao ben
d. xi xin

qiang huo


Sheng Jiang releases the exterior, warms the middle to stop nausea, and resolves toxicity of other herbs. What is one more important action of sheng jiang?

It disperses cold, warms the Lungs and stops cough


Which text do "Ma Huang Tang" and "Gui Zhi Tang" come from?

Discussion of Cold-Induced Disorders (Shang Han Lun)


Which are the ingredients of "Ma Huang Tang"?

Ma Huang, Gui Zhi, Xing Ren, Zhi Gan Cao


Which of the following would be symptoms and patterns calling for "Ma Huang Tang"?

Normal tongue coating, tight and floating pulse, headache and nasal congestion with white exudates, more chills than fever, absence of sweating, cough and wheezing


What are the functions and indications of Xiao Qing Long Tang (Minor Blue Dragon Decoction)?

Release Exterior Wind Cold with Internal Phlegm, cough, copious Clear or white sputum, no sweating, rolling and slippery pulse, moist or greasy tongue coating


A patient complains of mild headache and sore throat and red itchy eyes for the past two days. Other symptoms include fever and slight cough. The tongue presents with a red tip and light yellow coating. The pulse is superficial and slightly rapid. Which formula among the following would you prescribe?

a. Fang Feng Ting Sheng San
b. Sang Ju Jin
c. Yin Qiao San
d. Cang Er Zhi San

b. Sang Ju Jin


When choosing San Ju Jun over Yin Qiao San, what would be the reasoning?

The patient presents with mild Wind Heat with cough as a major symptom


Which type of headache would call for Bai Zhi in particular?



Xiang Ru San is used for:

Wind Cold with Dampness in the summer


Which formula is often prescribed for problems of obesity and overweight in modern herbal medicine and was classically prescribed for cases of external Wind Heat with internal Heat accumulation?

Fang Feng Tong Sheng San


This kitchen herb is useful for releasing the exterior in the very early stages of a wind-cold invasion. It is also useful for unblocking the yang and can be used as a poultice for sores.

Cong Bai


This herb to release the exterior also harmonizes the middle, moves qi, treats restless fetus and morning sickness, and seafood poisoning.

Zi Su Ye


What are symptoms you may see that indicate toxic heat?

Toxicity is more severe wind heat: foul, purulent discharge, severe sore throat.

Red, greasy tongue coat. Red, swollen sores on skin.


List at least 4 symptoms you will see when wind is invading the exterior/wei level of the body.

Simultaneous chills and fever
sore throat
runny nose
floating pulse


This acrid, warm herb to release the exterior also releases the muscle layer, unblocks yang qi in the chest, unblocks the channels, warms the middle, and (when combined with bai shao - peonia) harmonizes ying and wei levels.

Gui Zhi


This slightly warm herb to release the exterior is useful for all types of wind disorders, ie.: wind-cold invasion, wind-damp bi, and interior wind causing tremors or spasms.

Fang Feng


Which of the following is able to treat wind-cold or wind-heat, vents rashes and alleviates itching, and stops bleeding?

Jing Jie


Which of the following releases the muscles to treat tight upper back and neck. It also generates fluids to treat thirst, vents the rash of measles, and raises yang to stop diarrhea.

Ge Gen


This exterior releasing herb enters the GB, LIV, PC, and SJ. It reduces fever, resolves shao yang disorders, moves stagnant liver qi, and lifts yang qi.

Chai Hu


Which of the following statements about Sheng Ma is FALSE?

is used in large doses


What category: Sheng Ma

Release Exterior Cooling


What category: Cang Er Zi

Release Exterior Warming


What category: Zi Su Ye

Release Exterior Warming


What category: Ge Gen

Release Exterior Cooling


What category: Xi Xin

Release Exterior Warming


What category: Ju Hua

Release Exterior Cooling


What category: Chai Hu

Release Exterior Cooling


What category: Niu Bang Zi

Release Exterior Warming


What category: Fang Feng

Release Exterior Warming


What category: Ma Huang

Release Exterior Warming


What category: Gui Zhi

Release Exterior Warming