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What herb is the strongest herb in the category, controls wheezing and cough, promotes urination, reduces edema, and is diaphoretic and diuretic?

Ma Huang/Ephedra H.


What herb goes to the Heart, harmonizes Ying and Wei, unblocks Yang in the chest, and is in Ma Huang Tang (with Ma Huang)?

Gui Zhi/Cinnamomi Ram.


What herb promotes qi movement: for nausea and vomiting, and alleviate morning sickness?

Zi Su Ye/Perilla Flos.


What herb can be used for wind cold or wind heat, vents rashes and stops bleeding (for blood in the stools)?

Jing Jie/Schizonepetea H.


What herb expels wind DAMP and alleviates PAIN, for painful diarrhea, and intestinal wind? It treat ALL wind disorders.

Fang Feng/Saposhnikovia Rad.


What herb relieves Urinary Bladder Channel headache and damp body ache (Damp-Bi Syndrome)? It is also a guiding herb to the Du Mai and the Greater Yang channels (Tai Yang).

Qiang Huo/Notopterygi Rhiz.


What herb is used for headache at the VERTEX, is the ONLY ONE that enters the DU MAI, and is used for toothache and cold?

Gao Ben/Ligusticum Rhiz.


What herb is used for toothache, opens the nasal passages (for nasal congestion), and is the FRONTAL headache herb?

Bai Zhi/Angelica Dahurica Rad.


What herb warms the LUNG, is used for coughing with excessive watery sputum, unblocks qi (for nasal congestion), and is in the formula Minor Blue Green Dragon?

Xi Xin/Asari H.


What herb expels Summerheat?

Xiang Ru/Elsholtzia Spl.


What herb unblocks nasal passages, is for SINUS headache, and is the MAJOR NOSE and SINUS herb?

Xin Yi Hua/Magnolia Fl.


What herb is TOXIC, used for THICK nasal discharge, and SINUS headache?

Cang Er Zi/Xanthii Fr.


What herb is the #1 NAUSEA herb, reduces the toxicity of other herbs, is used for treating overdoses, and is for vomiting?

Sheng Jiang/Fresh Ginger


What herb is used for the EARLY STAGES of MILD WIND COLD?

Cong Bai/Allium Fistulosi Bulbus


What are the two types of WIND COLD?

Wind cold with COLD PREDOMINANT (Excess Wind Cold) and Wind Cold with WIND PREDOMINANT.


In Wind Cold with COLD Predominant (Excess Wind Cold) there will be a lack of ______ and an aversion to _____. What is the classic formula for this?

sweating, cold. Ma Huang Tang


Wind Cold with WIND Predominant is a ________ pattern. The person will have an aversion to _____. What is the classic formula for this?

deficiency, wind, Gui Zhi Tang


Release exterior herbs disperse pathogenic factors from the _____ and _____ levels. They are mostly _____, _____, and _____.

wei, ying, acrid, pungent, spicy


Release exterior herbs can be too ______, can damage the _____, should NOT be used for ______ conditions, and should be cooked for ____ minutes under a high flame.

drying, yin, chronic, 15


What are the main signs and symptoms for Wind-Cold?

Simultaneous chills and fever, runny nose, headache, floating pulse


Cold symptoms show more ____, there is headache, body ache, a ____ tongue, and no ____.

pain, white, thirst