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What are two important symptoms that tell you a patient has a Wind-Heat invasion as opposed to a Wind-Cold Invasion?

fever, sweating, a slight aversion to wind or slight chills, headache, thirst, and sore throat. There may also be a cough or redness of the eyes. The tongue coating is white or slightly yellow, and the tip of the tongue may be slightly red. The pulse tends to be floating and rapid.


This herb has an affinity for the upper burner, to treat W-H symptoms affecting the head, eyes, and throat. It also vents rashes, moves Liver qi, and expels turbid filth.

Bo He


This herb to dispel W-H is especially beneficial to the throat. It also resolves toxicity, vents rashes, and moistens the intestines.

Niu Bang Zi


Which of the following herbs is NOT helpful for the eyes? (sang ye, ju hua, man jing zi, dan dou chi)

Dan Dou Chi


This locally growing herb is excellent to treat exterior conditions lodged in the muscles, especially tight upper back and neck. It also generates fluids and raises yang to stop diarrhea.

Ge Gen


This important and commonly used herb is well known for it's ability to move stagnant Liver qi. It also resolves shao yang disorders, reduces fevers, and lifts yang qi.

Chai Hu


This herb to expel W-H is excellent for treating the eyes. (Treating eye problems due to excess or deficiency). It also calms the Liver, extinguishes internal wind, and treats toxic sores.

Ju Hua


Which of the following treats exterior wind AND internal wind, vents rashes and stops itching? (bo he, niu bang zi, chan tui, ju hua)

Chan Tui


This cool, acrid herb to release the exterior has an ascending nature, which allows it to raise the yang (to treat problems such as prolapse), and guide the effects of other herbs upward.

Sheng Ma


________ treats wind heat invasions with headache and pain as a major part of the presentation.

Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang (Bleuperum and Pueraria)


A strong formula used to treat flu and influenza with sore throat is:

Yin Qiao San/Lonicera and Honeysuckle Powder


__________ is commonly used for obesity in contemporary Chinese Herbal medicine.

Fang Feng Tong Sheng San


Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang (Bleuperum and Kudzu Decoction to Relase the Muscle Layer) treats wind cold transforming into wind heat with a lot of:



This formula contains Ban Lan Gen (Isatis) and is particularly useful in treating viral conditions.

Qiang Lan Tang/Notopterygium and Isatis Root


This formula is for wind heat toxin. It cools the blood, relieves aching neck and shoulders and moistens and soothes the throat.

Zhong Gan Ling/Severe Cold Miracle