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Where can you find the maximum amount of cylinder fin area that can be removed in order to clean out a damaged area

Engine overhaul manual


What must be inspected on the cooling system of an air cooled engine

All of the baffles and air seals must be in place and in good condition


Why should an air cooled engine not run up to high power without the cowling installed

Engine depends on the cowling to force air through the cylinder fins to remove the excess heat


What is the purpose of cooling fins

To increase the surface area of the cylinder for cooling


What is the purpose of cowl flaps and how are they operated

Used to control the amount of airflow through the cowling. They are usually mechanically, electrically, or hydraulically operated


How does an augmenter cooling system work

An outer tube placed over the exiting exhaust gas creates a Venturi affect that draws more airflow over the engine, this provides additional cooling


Where should cowl flaps be positioned for ground operations

Fully open


What type of power is used to operate cowl flaps

Manual, hydraulic, or electrical


Why is cowl flaps adjustment important

To keep cylinder head temperatures within allowable limits


How are turbine engines cooled

Cooled by air passing through the engine


In a turbine engine where does bleed air come from that is used to cool bearings and other parts

Bleed air from the Engine compressor


What is the approximate percentage of air passing through a turbine engine that is used for cooling rather than combustion

Approximately 75%


What document describes the proper use of cowl flaps on an air cooled engine

Pilot operating handbook


What is the most common means of regulating the cooling air flow through a reciprocating engine

Use of cowl flaps


When should cowl flaps be kept in the fully open position

Normally during all ground run operations


What publication should be referred to before re-profiling cylinder cooling fins

Manufactures service manual or overhaul manual


What are the main reasons that excessive heat in a reciprocating engine is undesirable

It shortens the life of the engine parts, impairs lubrication and affects combustion


What is the source of air directed to engine bearings for cooling

Bleed air from compressor section of the engine


What type of materials are used to make insulation blankets for turbine engines

Made of stainless steel, layers of aluminum foil, fiber glass and silver foil


What areas of a turbine engine are cooled by the secondary air passing through the engine

Combustion chamber and the turbines


What is the purpose of an engine cowling, baffles and cowl air seals

Streamlines the engine to reduce drag, which forces the airflow over the cylinders for cooling


What is the purpose of an oil cooler bypass valve

It allows the thick oil to bypass the cooler when oil is cold


What is the purpose of an augmenter used in some reciprocating engine exhaust systems

To aid in cooling the engine


Cracks in cooling fins that do not extend into the cylinder head may be repaired by

Removing affected area and contour filing within limits


A bent cooling fin on an aluminum cylinder

Should be left alone if not cracked


Position of the cowl flaps during normal cruise flight is



Closed during operational check of an electrically powered radial engine cowl flaps system the motor fails to operate. What is the first to be checked

Flap actuator motor circuit breaker


What part of an air cooled cylinder assembly has the greatest fin area per square inch

Exhaust port valve