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What type of fire detection system operates on the principle of the rate of temperature rise

Thermocouple system


What would likely cause a false fire warning.

A kinked or bent sensing loop


If there is a break in a single wire continuous loop fire detector element and the system tests bad shill it indicate the presence of a fire



What is used as a fire extinguishing agent in some older aircraft

Carbon dioxide


What fire extinguishing agent is used in the high-rate discharge bottles installed in a jet transport aircraft

Halon 1211 or 1301


What color and markings is used to identify the fluid lines that carry the fire extinguishing agent in an aircraft

Brown tape with a series of diamonds on it


What two methods are used to discharge a fire extinguishing agent

Mechanical and electrical


Name the examples of spot detection type systems

Thermo switch and thermocouple


Name examples of continuous loop detection systems

Fenwal, Kidde and pneumatic


What method is used to determine proper fire extinguisher container pressure

Check the container gauge


How does the fire extinguishing agent put out fire

Dilutes the oxygen levels so that it will not allow combustion


What does HRD stand for in an HRD fire extinguishing system

High Rate of Discharge


How long does it take to discharge the extinguishing agent in a HRD system and how is it distributed

Distributed through series of high pressure tubes and takes 1 to 2 seconds


Which type of fire detection system gives more complete coverage of a fire hazard than spot type systems

Continuous loop


What type of fire detector systems are used for engine fire detection

Overheat, rate of rise and flam detectors


What are the four types of fire detection systems

Thermoswitch, thermocouple, thermistor type continuous loop type and pneumatic type continuous loop systems


How many thermal switches are needed in a thermal switch fire protection system

At least one


What elements must be present for a fire to occur

heat, spark , or fuel oxygen


How are fire extinguishing agents distributed

Through tubing and discharge nozzles


What is the purpose of a pressure gauge in a fire extinguishing system

Indicates pressure in the container. To check if pressure in within limits use the pressure temperature chart


What do the res and yellow discs in a fire extinguishing system indicate

Yellow indicates normal discharge and red indicates thermal discharge


How is fir extinguisher system with a high rate of discharge classified

As an HRD fire extinguisher system


How does a thermal switch fire protection system operate

When heated past a predetermined temperature, the switch closes causing the warning device in the cockpit to activate