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How are some wooden propeller blades protected from wear and damage

By metal attached to the leading edge and tip


What happens to the blade angle of a constant speed propeller during a constant power drive

The blade angle increases to prevent an overspeed


What is meant when a propeller governor is in an on speed condition

Governor is not accelerating or decelerating and the speeder spring and flyweight forces are in balanced


What is the purpose of counterweights

Centrifugal force acting on the counterweight increases the blade angel


What is an unfeathering accumulator

provides oil pressure to unfeather a propeller


What propeller repair can be performed by a certified mechanic with a powerplant rating

Only minor repairs and alterations


Where would you find the correct method and technique for cleaning an aluminum propeller and hub

Propeller manufacturers maintenance instructions


What type of nondestructive testing should be accomplished to a propeller after blending

Procedures recommended by the manufacturer


How can repair file marks be removed from an aluminum propeller

With very fine sandpaper


What is a propeller protractor used for

Measure propeller blade angle


What blade conditions can cause engine vibration

propeller out of track or balance, and incorrect blade angle setting


What is blade tracking

It compares the position of the propeller blade tips relative to each other


What controls both manifold pressure and r.p.m on an engine equipped with a fixed pitch propeller

The throttle


What are two types of propeller configurations

Tractor and pusher


What type of propeller has the blade angle built into the propeller and cannot be changed

Fixed pitch


What is the purpose of the metal tipping on a leading edge of a wooden propeller

To protect the propeller from damage caused by foreign object damage


What tool is used to determine propeller blade angle

Universal propeller protractor


What are the aerodynamic forces and loads acting on a rotating propeller blade

Centrifugal twisting, torque bending, and centrifugal forces


What is meant by blade back and face

Curved side of propeller blade is back it's the side that faces away from the engine. The flat side of the propeller blade is face and it faces the engine.


What should be used to clean steel and aluminum propellers and hubs

Washed with cleaning solvent using a brush or cloth


What position are used on a balance stand to check a two bladed propeller for static balance

Vertical or horizontal position


Where do you find a list of lubricants that are approved for use in a constant speed propeller

Maintenance manual for the propeller


Does the centrifugal twisting moment tend to move the blade toward high pitch or low pitch

Low pitch


Do counterweights on a propeller tend to move the blades toward high pitch or low pitch

High pitch


What is meant by bata range of a turboprop propeller

Ground operation and includes taxiing, starting, and ground reverse operation


Hat is meant by alpha range of a turboprop propeller

In flight mode from take of to landing


When making a magneto check on a engine equipped with a constant speed propeller should the propeller control be in low pitch or high pitch position

Low pitch , high RPM position


What would be the classifications of maintenance for shortening a propeller blade

Major repair


May a transverse cracks in a metal propeller blade be repaired



How are small nicks removed from the leading edge of a propeller blade

File them out with a fine file or stone leaving a smooth contour


What is the function of a propeller

create thrust to pull or push an airplane through the air


What's the different between fixed pitch and controllable pitch propellers

Fixed pitch has a built In Blade angle that cannot be changed by the pilot. Only by the repair station or manufacturer.

Controllable pitch can be changed by the pilot and is usually controlled by a governor that maintains a constant speed. Some also provide reverse pitch and feathering


How is a constant speed feathering propeller feathered

Releases oil pressure in the governor, the counterweights and feathering spring move the propeller into feather. This happens automatically if governor oil pressure drops to zero. Can be manually controlled by pilot if engine fails


What system are commonly used for propeller ice control

Alcohol and electrical heat applied to the propeller root