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A cold cylinder is found when troubleshooting a running engine. What does this indicate

No combustion in the cylinder


When pulling a propeller through a hissing sound is heard, indicating valve blow-by. What procedure should be performed next

A compression check to identify faulty cylinder


What is the purpose of performing a compression test

To determine if the valves, pistons and rings are sealing properly


Name some of the precautions that should be performed prior to engine removal

Disconnect the battery, turn off the fuel valves, chock the wheels, and if necessary, install a tail stand


When inspecting a piston where are cracks most likely to be found

In areas with high stress
1.Base of piston bosses
2. Inside at the junction of the bore and walls
3. Ring lands


What does it mean if an engine part is within serviceable limits

The part is within manufactures limits and can be used in an engine


What tools or instruments are used to inspect a cylinder barrel for out of roundness

Dial indicator or inside micrometer


What publication is used to check an engine for normal operation

Manufacturers maintenance manual


A weak cylinder is found during a compression check. What must be inspected

Pressure is transmitted equally in all directions


What does a tachometer indicate on a reciprocating engine

Engine R.P.M


Is the aircraft electrical system required to power a cylinder head temperature gage

No. Thermocouple is the source


Where should the thermocouple be installed on a reciprocating engine using a single probe cylinder head temperature system

On the hottest cylinder


What directly controls manifold pressure

Throttle opening and engine r.p.m


During engine operation where should the propeller control be set when checking the manifold pressure

Low pitch, high r.p.m


What unit of measure is generally used to indicate fuel flow

Pounds or gallons per hour


Name the basic components of a fuel system

Transmitter and the indicator


What is the fuel pressure range on float type carburetors

3 to 5 psi


Where would a carburetor air temperature bulb be located

In the ram air intake duct


What inspection should be performed on an engine that has been in storage

inspect for corrosion or damage


What purpose does an oil analysis serve

shows normal and abnormal wear of the engine.


What inspection should be performed after a propeller strike without sudden stoppage

1. Inspect engine mounts , crankcase and nose section for damage
2. Inspect oil and oil filters/ screens for metal partials
3. Inspect crankshaft or driveshaft for cracks and misalignment


What are two main causes of a cylinder having low compression

Piston rings and valves not seating or broken


How is a hydraulic lock removed from an aircraft engine

Remove a spark plug from the locked cylinder and drain all of oil out. Clean the spark plug and replace it


In what position should the crankshaft be when a magneto is being timed to the engine

30 degrees before top center on the compression stroke


What must be inspected to determine the airworthiness of an engine installation

Propeller, lubrication ,ignition,fuel metering,cooling and the exhaust systems


Where can you find the correct grade of fuel and amount of engine lubricating oil for an aircraft engine

Type certificate data sheet for the aircraft


What is the purpose of dynamic dampers on crankshafts

Reduce engine vibration


What type of bearings are generally found in reciprocating engines

Plain, ball and roller bearings


Name the different types of piston rings

Oil control, compression an oil scraper


What could result from incorrectly installed piston rings

Excessive oil consumption


What is used to help prevent valve surge or floating in an engine

Two or more springs are used on each valve


On engines equipped with hydraulic valve lifters what should the running valve clearance be



What is the purpose of valve overlap

It allows better volumetric efficiency and lowers cylinder operating temperatures


What are the purpose of oil control rings

Used to control the thickness of the oil film on the cylinder walls


What type of piston rod are commonly found in radial engines

Master and articulating rod assembly


What caused an engine to sudden stop

Striking an object or engine seizure due to internal damage


What indications are given in the event of a leaking or open primer while the engine is running

Engine will not idle properly


A cold cylinder is found when troubleshooting a running engine. What does this indicate

No combustion in that cylinder