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What is a supplemental type certificate

A FAA approval for a modification or repair to a type certified aircraft, engine or propeller


What paperwork is necessary for the installation of a magneto that was not approved for an engine when it was certificated but is approved for the engine when installed according to an STC

A form 337 must be completed stating that the installation was done in accordance with the specific STC


What steps must be taken in order to prepare an aircraft for a 100 hour or annual inspection

Remove or open all necessary inspection plates, access doors, fairing and cowling. Then thoroughly clean aircraft


What may be used as a guide for a 100hr inspection on a aircraft engine

Maintenance manuals and FAR part 43 Appendix D


Where can a mechanic look to identify an aircraft engine serial number

Engine data plate


What publication is needed to inspect an engine for conformity with specifications

Engine Specifications or Engine Type Certificate Data Sheet


What type of FAA approval is required when a change to an engine type design is not enough to require a new type certificate

Supplemental Type Certificate is required


What type of FAA approval is required when change is made to the engine principle of operation.

A new Type Certificate must be obtained


Where can you find the model of magneto that is approved for an engine specified by the examiner

Type certificate date sheet for that engine


Prior to returning an reciprocating engine to service after a 100 hour inspection what operational checks must be performed

Check power output, check magnetos, fuel and oil pressure check, cylinder and oil temperature check


Where are life limited parts of an engine listed

Engine maintenance manual, type certificate data sheet, an the airworthiness limitations section of the instructions for continued airworthiness


Where can engine operating limits be found

Engine Manuel, engine specification, type certificate data sheet, and aircraft manufacturer's maintenance manual


Why are hot section inspections performed on turbine engines

To determine the integrity and wear of the hot section components


What inspections must be performed following a turbine engine overspeed

Refer to the engine manufacturer's maintenance manual for the required procedures


What FAA approvals are required when installing an engine that is not on the aircraft type certificate

An STC or an FAA field approval