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What is an SLA, Service Level Agreement?

An expectation of performance for completion of a task or case. Service levels establish two time intervals – a goal and a deadline – that define when a task or case should be completed (goal) and when the task or case must be completed (deadline). A service level for a case is defined as part of the case. A service level for an assignment is defined with a service level rule (see service level rule). There may be contractual Service Level Agreements that a customer establishes about their processes.


How do you make ensure an operator know that the urgency of a case is increasing and that they may break their SLA commitments?

Create a Service Level, which consist of a goal interval, how much time you prefer an operator take to complete the work, and a deadline interval, the maximum amount of time an operator can take to complete the work.


At what levels can you establish a Goal and deadline?

The current case, the parent or the top most case in the hierarchy.


When working a CASE does the end user see the goal and deadline?

Yes, they appear on the request in the case details.