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What is a smart shape

They are pre-configured utilities or sub processes that facilitate specific actions, similar to macros or scripts. ie, create a PDF, change to a different case stage, attach a file.


What are the two types of smart shapes?

Utilities and sub processes.


What is a utility smart shape?

Provide an easy way to complete a common action. they are orange.


What is a sub processes smart shape?

They provide a way to complete a more complex type of common action, so they are best accomplished using a sub process. They are blue.


What type of smart shape is a Duplicate Search Cases?

It is a sub process smart shape and is blue.


What data do you need to configure the Send Email smart shape?

You need: Email Address ( work party's email), Subject of email, message of the email or a correspondence detail template.


When would you use a change stage smart shape?

To Return to a stage that has already been processed, jump to another primary stage or jump to an alternate stage


What steps are run when a processes that has stage that has already been processed is reentered using the Change Stage smart shape

Only the steps that are marked as Launch on re-entry. the other steps are ignored.