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What is a case

A business transaction that is initiated, processed, and resolved. A case typically consists of assignments, processes, business policies, and potentially other cases.

In PRPC, a case is a specific instance of a case type.

In CPM, a case is any “work item” or “service request”.

In Decision Management, a case can be any person, company or event that exhibits some defined behavior. For example, good and bad outcomes.


What is a CSR - Customer Service Representive

A person employed by an organization to serve its customers. CSRs may interact with customers using several channels including the telephone, e-mail, letters and text chat.


What is a Router Activity

Determines which worklist or workbasket is the recipient of an assignment


What is a Stage

A specific interval of a business transaction, typically defined by the status or ownership of the case at a particular time. A stage is a collection of correlated assignments, processes, and/or cases that represents a portion or phase of an overall business transaction. A stage establishes a sequence of events, which allows an application designer to easily define when, and under which circumstances, those events may occur.


What is the Stage Designer

Designer Studio tool used to create and configure case stages. The Stage Designer is part of the Stages & Processes tab on the Case Designer landing page.


Can a case be worked on by more than one person to get to resolution

Yes, typically a case is worked on by more than one operator, CSR, CSR Manager, etc..the Case is routed to the appropriate person. A Specialist.


What is a Routing Queue

In PRPC a Routing Queues is know as a Work Basket


What is the benefit of a Work Basket

You can place a CASE in a work basket so that multiple people can access it.


How do Assignment shapes work in

When a case is created, the starter flow is run and runs through all the shapes until it hits an Assignment, at which point it stops and does not continue forward unless a user action is performed to complete the assignment task.


How many configurations does an Assignment shape have and what are they?

Two, who works on the assignment and what do they see.


What happens when a flow reaches an Assignment shape

Creates an assignment object in memory and the database, the assignment object can be seen on the Clipboard, it shows other details like when was the assignment created, who is working on it, the application name etc..


What is the Assignment object linked too?

It is linked to the CASE so that we can keep track of where the case is currently being worked on.


What does routing a case mean?

The assignment OBJECT is routed, not the CASE.


Why does the system created a Assignment object

To establish and monitor SLAs, Timeliness Reports, and to support Parallel Assignments, more than one operator to work on a case at the same time, the operators can work in parallel.


What does it mean when we say a case has routed to an operator

In PRPC it means the case has been routed to the operators worklist


What is a Worklist

It is a list of cases the operator is currently working on, the list of cases assigned to the Operator, the list of cases waiting for the user to perform an action, the worklist can be accesses in their portals. Mangers can see their own works list and their team members, operators working for them.


What are the steps involved with a Case Routed to a user?

The system creates an assignment object
The assignment appears in the Operator's work list
When the operator completes the action, by submitting the Flow Action the assignment is resolved, and the Flow continues processing.


What is a Workbasket

PRPC uses workbasket when routing queues are needed. It is a queue for storing cases, multiple operators can access them, operators are assigned to workbaskets based on workgroup,


What is a workgroup

It the record that groups the set of operators. The operator can access all workbaskets that are assigned to the workgroup to which they belong


What happens when a case is routed to a Workbasket?

The system creates an assignment object, the assignment appears in the workbasket list, It stays there until it gets assigned to an operator


How is a case routed from Workbasket to operator?

The system pushes the cases to operators using a set of configured rules called PUSH ROUTING, these rules can be customized by a senior system architect, A second option is PULL ROUTING, users access the system list and picks items from the list, it then follows the same steps, and now the Assignment object does not appear in the Workbasket list. It is on the operators work list.


When does an operator see an item on their worklist?

Once the assignment is routed to them, via PUSH Routing or Pull Routing. The item will remain on the list until the Operator completes the action and the assignment is resolved.