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What is a validate Rule

Tests property values, typically immediately after they are submitted on a browser form. Calls edit validate rules.


T/F Does a Case need to move from stage to stage in sequential order?

False, there are exceptions, a case may need to skip a stage based on a specific condition. i.e Employee referral, you can skip a step in case. Also in an Approval, the Case could be approved, and moves to next step, or it could be Rejected and then it moves to an Alternate Stage.


What visual indicator tells you a stage is a resolution stage?

A RED Bold line on the bottom of the stage.


How do you modify stage behaviors?

IN the stage designer screen, On a Stage name,select the down arrow, and select Configure Stage Behaviors.


Can a case stage have an entry validation rule?

Yes, and the stage will not be started unless the stage entry validation rule is met.


Can you conditionally skip a stage?

Yes, you can assign a WHEN rule to the stage configuration, if WHEN returns TRUE, the stage is skipped.


On a Closure stage do you need to configure where the Stage should go / do once it is complete?

No, you do not.


What does it mean when a Stage shape does not end in an arrow, but ends in a straight vertical line?

It means that when the stage processes are complete, to stay on the current stage, it becomes the operators responsibility to move to the next stage.


Where are Flow Actions referenced

Ina connector coming out of an assignment shape. The flow action is the UI rule that is used in the flow to render a UI for a specific user action. Once a user submits the action it proceeds to the next step.


What is an Optional Action?

A stage can have an optional action, we see the optional action on all steps for the stage, as an option for the end user to select, when the user selects the optional action, it displays a screen and the user can review and make any selection if necessary, and submit the action, when the action is submitted, the changes get processed but the case remains the same step and does not move along.


Is an optional action mandatory for a user to select?

No it is not.


Where can optional actions be added?

Stage Specific, Process, Single Assignment, Case Wide


Where do Optional Actions appear to an end users?

The user would see an option action by selecting the Other Actions menu item, the optional action appears under a line, which indicates it is optional and submitting them does not progress the flow.


If you complete an Optional Action a number of times does that progress the case in the process?

No it does not.