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Which 2 religious laws coincide with state laws?

'Do not kill' and 'Do not steal'


Which 2 religious laws that don't coincide with state laws?

Homosexuality and Working on the sabbath


Give 2 Christian arguments against breaking the law

'submit to governing authorities' and 'there is no authority except from god' - it's safer to abide by laws


Give 3 christian arguments for breaking the law

'loose the chains of injustice', Martin Luther King, Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Why may Buddhists break the law?

Karuna ; if the law is unfair then it's acceptable , Thich Nhat Hanh broke the law when freeing the Vietnamese


Give 3 reasons why christians may agree to causing suffering

'An eye for an eye'
'Whoever sheds man's blood by man shall his blood be shed'
If it's for a good cause, Dietrich bonhoeffer


Give 3 reasons why christians may disagree to causing suffering

'Do not overcome evil with evil, but instead overcome evil with good'
'love our enemies'
'the one without sin cast the first stone'


What are the 3 types of crimes?

Person, Property, State


Why shouldn't Buddhists commit crimes?

5 moral precepts, 3 poisons, 8 fold path


What are the 7 causes of crime?

Upbringing, Poverty, Greed, Hate, Addiction, Mental illness, Protest


What do Christians believe about why we commit crimes?

Original Sin


What do Buddhists believe about why we commit crimes?

3 poisons


What are the 4 aims of punishment?

Retribution, Reformation, Deterrence & Public Safety


Why may Christians support retribution?

'an eye for an eye'


Why may Christians support deterrence?

More sacred human lives are saved


Give 4 reasons why Christians prefer Reformation as an aim of punishment

Human life is sacred, we are all guilty, forgiveness, criminals come from difficult backgrounds


Give 5 things a Christian may do to help criminals achieve reformation

Help with rehab programmes, Write letters to prisoners, Prison chaplains, Prison reform trust (campaigns for better treatment), Help criminals 'find god'


Give 3 alternative punishments to imprisonment

Community service, Probation, House arrest


Give 4 reasons why Christians may oppose imprisonment

Universities of crime, Families are affected, business destructed, likely turn to crime when they're released


What is Corporal Punishment?

Physically harming the convict


What is Capital Punishment?

Death Penalty


Why might Christians support Corporal Punishment?

'spare the rod and spoil the child' 'an eye for an eye'


Why might Christians oppose Corporal Punishment?

'turn the other cheek'
It's more likely to make them angry and spiteful


Give 3 Reasons why Fundamentalist Christians would support the death penalty

1. 'whoever sheds human blood shall their blood be shed'
2. The victim was a sacred person, now the criminal won''t have the chance to kill again
3. Deterrent


Give 4 Reasons why Liberal Christians wouldn't support the death penalty

1. We're all 'made in the image of god', they should get the chance to reform
2. Only God has the right to take a life
3. Death penalty no longer applies to breaking the sabbath, being homosexual etc.
4. 'let the one without cast the first stone'


What is the Utilitarian point of view on the death penalty?

Do whatever brings the greatest happiness for the greatest number, public safety argument


Give 3 secular views against the death penalty

1. The death penalty isn't a proven deterrent
2. What if they're mistakenly accused?
3. The person who initiates the death penalty is technically a murderer too


Which 2 aims of punishment do Buddhists prefer?

Public Safety & Retribution


Give 2 Reasons why a Buddhist would oppose Retribution

Unskilful action, the offender will bring punishment upon themself


Explain the story of Angulimala

A man who wore a garland with the fingers of victims, Buddha didn't punish him for his actions but told him to live a better life