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Asian criminal organization in terms of their possible relationship to other social business groups of the same ethnic composition, are called



Ideally, the person to lead a comprehensive investigation into the operation s of organized crime is the

local prosecutor or US attorney


Hackers are , tresspassers- intruders who enter into another computer system w/o authorization. 3 types of hackers

1. crackers- anitsocial misfits who are more comfortable online in front of computer than with people. In it for the challenge.
2. computer criminals- engage in fraud, sabotage, industrial sabotage and theft. Mercenaries of cyberspace. In it for money
3. computer vandals- motivated by revenge due to some real or imagined wrong. Seek to destroy database and wreak havoc. Maybe fired employees, animal rights activists.


tools of the vandal include

trojan horses
logic bombs


stand-along programs that are disguised as other programs that innocent users pass to one another usually in form of email attachment.

Trojan horses


like the virus, but they do not replicate. The make duplicates of themselves and steal system resources. Are designed w/intent to bring down the users system



programs within programs that perform destructive acts based upon a trigger event.

Logic bombs


computer virus

type of malicious code that replicates itself and insertss copies or versions of itself in other programs.


1999 Melisaa virus

unleashed by 31 yr old New Jersy man designed to infect the emails of the first 50 email addresses on the users mailing list. Virus infected additional computers every time an email was forwarded. More than million personal computers in North America were affected. caused more thyan $80 million in damages. over 10,000 viruses are known worldwide


US govern redesigns its currency every __to __ to include security features that make it more dififcult to counterfeit

7 to 10 years


types of hit and run operators

1. The apprehensive driver- panic driven, fearful driver
2. projectionist driver- tries the case; he finds the other at fault, refuses to be a party to the accident and drives off
3. sneak operator- inflicts minor damage; chalks up the action as the calculated risk shared by all veh owners who place their veh on roadway