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What is inductive reasoning?

Generalisations are formed from a set of facts


What is deductive reasoning?

Reasoning from a general premise


What is socratic questioning?

A technique used to look beneath the surface to search for inconsistencies


What is critical analysis?

The application of a set of questions to determine relevant from irrelevant information


Define assessing

The systematic and continuous collection, organisation, validation and documentation of data


What are common sources of data?

- The client
- Support people
- Clinical records
- Observations


Explain an actual nursing diagnosis

A problem that is present when the nurse assesses the person


Explain a risk nursing diagnosis

A clinical judgement about a potential problem where the presence of risk factors indicates that a problem has the potential to develop unless nurses intervene


What are the components of a nursing diagnosis?

PROBLEM related to AETIOLOGY (cause)

E.g., Nausea and vomiting related to gastroenteritis


What is initial care planning?

The admission assessment and develops initial plan of care


What is ongoing planning?

- Completed by all nurses caring for the patient/client
- Aim is to determine if the patients/clients health status has hanged
- Set priorities
- Decide which problems to focus on during the shift


Implementing is...

the action phase in which the nurse performs the nursing interventions


Evaluating is...

to judge or to appraise the effectiveness of care


What is information?

Facts provided or learned about something or someone


What is an inference?

The act or process of deriving logical conclusions from presumptions that you assume to be true


What is an assumptions?

Something taken for granted


Explain subjective data

- Information provided by the patient
- Describes the person's perceptions of the experience with the problems
- Can only be verified by the person or carers
- Symptoms and information


Explain objective data

- Can be measured or tested against an accepted standard
- It can be seen
- Measurable > vital signs, laboratory tests and x-ray results


What is reflection?

Involves evaluating the outcomes of nursing care interventions and is essential to clinical reasoning and the ability to provide safe and holistic nursing care


What is creativity in a nursing context?

A major component of critical thinking as it allows nurses to identify unique solutions to unique problems


What is reasoning?

- Inductive reasoning: generalisations are formed from a set of facts or observations
- Deductive reasoning: reasoning from the general premise to the specific conclusion


What is divergent thinking and clarifying?

Differentiating between statements of fact, inference, judgement and opinion


What is independence and interdependence?

Independent thinking is essential to interprofessional health care and the ability to work as a team to make judgements and decisions collaboratively


What is fair-mindedness?

Assesses all viewpoints with the same standards and not basing their judgements on personal or group bias or prejudice


What is insight?

Aware that personal biases or social pressures and customs can affect their thinking, requires a sense of balance and understanding of a situation


What is intellectual humility?

Having an awareness of the limits of a person’s own knowledge, willing to admit what they don’t know


What is intellectual courage?

Needed to change the status quo and move away from ritualised practice


Define curiosity

Curiosity to have courage to examine traditions to be sure they are still valid


Define integrity

Questioning any inconsistencies in their own knowledge and beliefs as quickly and thoroughly as they challenge those of another person


Define perseverance

Shows perseverance in finding effective solutions to nursing problems