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What is professional misconduct?

The wrong conduct or poor conduct of a nurse outside their duty of care, e.g., drunken behaviour or illegal activity outside work


What is unprofessional conduct?

Behaving outside the agreed or accepted standards of being a nurse, e.g., not maintaining patient confidentiality


What is Standard of Care?

The knowledge, skills, attitude and judgement expected of members of a profession to practice safely


What are the 3 major elements of consent?

1. The consent must be given voluntarily
2. The consent must be given by a person who has the capacity and competence to understand
3. The person requiring care must be given enough information to be the ultimate decision maker


What is negligence?

Misconduct or practice that is below the standard expected of an ordinary, reasonable and prudent person


What is criminal negligence?

- Occurs when the health care professional's action has been grossly negligent as to be deliberately reckless and maybe charged under criminal law
- Criminal law deals with actions against the safety ad welfare of the public
- Murder, manslaughter and theft


Define assault

An attempt or threat to touch another person unjustifiably


Define battery

The wilful touching of a person, or person's clothes or items on their person that may or may not cause harm


What are the 3 types of consent?

1. Implied
2. Verbal
3. Written