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Why does stress urinary incontinence occur after pelvic surgery/childbirth? Reference a particular set of muscles

Levator muscles provide key support for the pelvic organs – helping to maintain control over bladder and bowels. After childbirth, muscle strength is usually reduced. Weakened pelvic floor allows bladder neck to drop, can lead to increased tendency to leak urine.


What sensory information is conveyed to the brain by afferent fibres of the pelvic nerve?

General Pain Degree of fullness (i.e. distension) of the urinary bladder Temperature of the urine


By what collective name are areas of the nervous system responsible for urinary voiding known?

Micturition or voiding centres


Which region of the PONS is active during micturition? If this region is damaged what symptoms does a patient demonstrate?

M region or dorsomedial Pontine tegmentum Damage to this area can lead to severe urinary retention


What is the normal capacity of the human bladder?



At approximately what volume do we feel the urge to urinate?

About 150ml