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How does design-award-build affect the role of the architect during construction?

Architect can act as an impartial interpreter of the contract documents


Which project delivery method allows specifically for the lowest reasonable cost for the project?



Two major downsides of the design-award-build method.

1. Extended time. For design and documentation board for final costs can be determined and construction begin
2. The pricing and constructibility experience of the contractor is not available during the design and documentation phases


What potential construction method does construction management open?

Fast-track construction


A construction manager who acts as a contractor assumes what kind of relationship with the owner? And therefore…

Vendor relationship… And therefore he takes Financial responsibility for the construction of the project


Three types of financial responsibility a contractor may take/be paid in

1. Fixed price
2. Cost-plus-fee
3. Guaranteed maximum price cost structure


A fixed price structure means that the contractor takes on ____ but that the client cannot…

Financial liability… But the client cannot obtain any savings that might occur from a positive bid climate


Which pricing type allows the construction manager our contractor to charge the owner the actual construction costs of the project plus a negotiated fee?

Cost plus fee


Who is the guaranteed maximum price method best for and why?

Probably the client… Because any cost savings for my positive bed Clement go to the owner rather than the contractor, but the contractor becomes responsible for any bid costs over the guaranteed maximum price.


What are three advantages of using a construction management delivery method?

1. The owner can determine the cost of the project before construction documents are complete
2. The owner can use fast track delivery
3. The CM can resolve technological or constructibility issues before construction begins


What is the disadvantage of a CM?

Adds a cost for the CM, and add complexity to the design and construction team


4 advantages of design/build delivery.

1. Single source of responsibility
2. Reliable construction cost determined early in the process
3. Conflicts between designers and builders minimized
4. Fast track construction as possible


4 disadvantages of the design/build delivery method.

1. The owner cannot participate as much in the design of the project
2. Owner does not have an independent agent working for his or her interests
3. Design changes would likely require a change order that the owner would have to pay
4. Selection based on the lowest bid for design plus construction may have significant quality issues