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When an owner contracts with a builder on the basis of qualifications instead of a bid, the agreement is usually based on…

Cost of the work plus fee (with a guaranteed maximum price) such as AIA Document A111


What three things can result in higher bid prices from all contractors?

1. An extremely short bid period
2. Short construction time
3. Ambiguous requirements


Minimum time necessary to prepare a bid

2 weeks usually


Doubling the number of workers does not…

Double the amount of work completed


What kind of contract is used in the normal design/award/build project?

AIA Document A101 Owner-Contractor agreement


What are acts of God?

Natural or other events beyond the control of owner and contractor


A contractor familiar with AIA document A201 will expect a project's special circumstances and specific project requirements to be included in which portion?

Supplementary conditions


12 items that may be locally required in a public advertisement for bids

1. Project name and location
2. Name and address of the owner and architect
3. Date, time, and location that bids are due
4. Nature and scope of project
5. Description of project
6. Will bids be opened and read publicly?
7. How to obtain bid documents and whether a bid deposit is required to obtain them.
8. Names and locations of places where bidding documents may be inspected by interested bidders.
9. Details about proper procedures for submitting bids.
10. Type and amount of bid security if any
11. Whether and not an owner can wave in formalities or except a bid other than the lowest
12. Date the advertisement was first published


What is the AIA instructions for bidders document called?

A701 .. Designed for use with AIA Document A201 (General conditions)


What comprises the bid documents (5)?

1. Advertisement/invitation to bid
2. Instructions to bidders
3. The bid form
4. Sample bidding and contract forms
5. The proposed contract documents, including addenda, if they are issued prior to receipt of bids


By submitting a bid you implicitly state that…

You understand the bidding documents


When do you propose substitutions?

10 days before bid submittal


If a substitution is approved what does the architect do?

Provide addendum including it at least 4 days before bid date


What does it mean to be pre-qualified?

You're on a list by a company or agency. Sometime only pre-qualified can bid.


It's have to be submitted on time but…

A slightly late bid would probably be considered legitimate by a court if the other bids had not yet been opened.


It's for private work can be opened publicly or privately, but bids for public work must be opened…



Additives may be either additive or deductive, but which is favorable?

Additive, because credit to the contract some for deleted work is usually let me additional cost for the installation of the same work.


If it be resubmitted?

If retracted and resubmitted before the bid date


Can unit can't be used to determine the low bid?

No, only to adjust cost once the contract is awarded, according to changes in the scope


In public work, can you change or withdraw to bid?

You can withdraw, if it was a clerical error an honest mistake, but you cannot change a bid.


When do owner and architect review suppliers and subcontractors?

After the bidder has selected... and after the suppliers and subcontractors are excepted and they cannot be substituted after the contract award.