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FLCI- Functional Linguistic Communication Inventory

-Tests functional communication for patients with moderate and severe dementia. Results are valuable for completing MDS forms, designing functional maintenance programs, counselingc caregivers, and making management decisions.


Measures functional linguistic communication in 10 areas

- greeting and naming

- answering questions

- writing

- sign comprehension

- object to picture matching

- word reading and comprehension

- following commands

- pantomime, gesture and conversation

*** its ok to administer over multiple sessions


Scores for FLCI

- Total of all subtests provides the FLCI total score. The modified FAST scale is used to determine severity.


Arizona Battery for Communication Disorders for Dementia

ABCD is a standardized test for the comprehensive assessment and screening of cognitive-linguistic impairments in dementia patients



- Ages- 15+

- Timing- 45-90 mins

- A standardized score that permits inter-test comparison


ABCD Screening Subtests

1. Linguistic Expression

2. Linguistic Comprehension

3. Verbal Episodic Memory

4. Visuospatial Construction

5. Mental Status


ABCD Linguistic Expression

1. Object descrition- generate description of an object

2. Generative naming- generate exemplars from a semantic category

3. Confrontation naming- name picture objects

4. Concept Definition- demonstrate knowledge of a concept by providing a correct definition.


ABCD Linguistic Comprehension

a. following commands- ability to perform 1,2, and 3 step commands

b. comparative questions- auditory comprehension of comparative questions

c. repetition- ability to repeat nonmeaningful phrases

d. reading comprehension- evaluate reading comprehension at the word and sentence level


ABCD Verbal Episodic Memory

1. story retelling immediate- recall information in the form of a story

2. story retelling delayed- effects of delay on the recall of verbal information

3. word learning- assess the free recall, cued recall and recognition of 16 words


ABCD Visuospatial Construction

1. Generative Drawing- evaluate the ability to generate an accurate drawing of a nameable object

2. Figure Copying- acess the ability to copy figures


ABCD Mental Status

access general knowledge and orientation to person, place, time, and purpose.