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7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

Up to how many Issuing officer's names may be listed on the face of the citation for all infraction violations?

Only one


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

Any other officers present who may have witnessed the violation should be listed where on the citation?

On the back of the pink copy.


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT(08/15/14)

If the witnessing officer is not the issuing officer, how would this be handled?

The witness officer's name will be placed below the name of the issuing officer on the front of the citation


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

Prosecution by the City Attorney's Office will reject the citation if the defendant's address is listed as what?

1. Rescue mission
2. Transient
3. None


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

If driver does not have his license on his person, confirmation of a CDL or Social Security number by communications is sufficient to validate his identification. True or False?

False - Recited Information shall be listed in the narrative portion of the citation.


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

What section should be charged when suspects provide false information during a traffic related incident?

Vehicle Code section 31


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

How many violations can be written on the citation before using a supplemental form for additional violations?

Four violations


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

By circling the letter "I" to the right of the infraction, this will give the defendant what right?

Right to arraignment by mail.


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

During any accident investigation, officers may issue citations for what type of violations?

1. Registration violations
2. License violations
3. Equipment violations


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

Owner responsibility citations are only to be issued in conjunction with an arrest, an accident investigation or other law enforcement action, such as a traffic stop, where contact is made with the driver. True or False?



7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

A suspect should not be released with a citation when he requires medical attention, or otherwise unable to care for his own safety. True or False?



7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

If a motorist refuses to sign the citation after a supervisor has been called, an arrest may be made. The person shall be taken directly to where?

The closest magistrate.


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

Citation accountability logs will be maintained by the commands for a period of how long?

Three years


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

Officers will normally be limited to checking out how many citation books at any one time?



7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

Can a citation be used on juveniles for nontraffic misdemeanor offenses?

No, a JCR must be used.


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

Traffic warnings shall NOT be used for what?

1. Equipment violations
2. Parking violations
3. License or registration violations


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

When requesting a notify warrant for DUI charges, is a DUI supplemental needed to be submitted with the notify warrant?



7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

Adult notify warrant procedure for infractions has been suspended indefinitely. True or False?



7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

When requesting a notify warrant for a juvenile driver, is a citation also required for the traffic court?

YES - but the juvenile should not sign it or the appearance date be set. A JCR and Supplemental Report will be required when the violation involves DUI of alcohol and/or drugs. These reports serve in lieu of a juvenile citation.


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

DUI suspects must submit to a blood or breath test in compliance with the implied consent law. True or False?



7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

Officers MAY arrest any driver under 21 who has a BAC of how much?

.05% or higher


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

If the BAC of the person is between .05 and .07, and the elements of DUI are NOTpresent, officers shall do what?

Issue a notice to appear charging 23140(a) VC. VC, an infraction, prior to release. Suspects will be cited into Misdemeanor Arraignment Department with a 12:30 p.m.
appearance time.


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

Chemical test number shall be recorded where on the citation?

In the "property tag number" box on the face of the citation.


7.01 – 7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

All persons under the age of 21 operating a vehicle must submit to a field breath test or have their driving privileges suspended for how long?

One year


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

DUI minors who are not old enough to have a license will have their driving privileges delay for how long upon reaching the age of 16?

One year


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

DUI driver under 21 who refuses to submit to a PAS test will have their driving privileges suspended or revoked for how long?

One to three years


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

A minor driving with a BAC over .01%, the officer should do what?

Issue a citation for 23136(a) VC


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

23154 (A) VC – makes it unlawful for a person who is on probation for DUI to operate a motor vehicle with a BAC of how much?

.01% or more


7.01 – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT (08/15/14)

23154(a) VC – this section supersedes 166 PC for violations of DUI probation and should be the only charge used when enforcing violation of DUI probation. True or false?




Who will be responsible for investigating minor injury collisions, Misdemeanor hit-and-run collisions, and city property collisions?