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Language sensitive period

before 7 y/o a 1st or 2nd language results in thorough command of language; after 7 y/o the degree of proficiency decreases progressively (does not affect the ability to learn new words)


Language is processed in the ____ hemisphere

left "dominant"


If a 2nd language is learned before 7y/o the areas of the brain _________ with that of the 1st language. If a 2nd language is learned after 7 y/o the areas of the brain _________ with that of the 1st language

Overlap before 7y/o; do not overlap after 7y/o


Social behavior depends on social experiences at specific periods of neuronal development

Social deprivation in the early months of life result in developmental delays and hospitalism syndrome, by age 2-3 the development was still delayed suggesting structural deficits in brain development


Hospitalism syndrome

Rene Spitz's term for infants that were raised in a hospital and lacked the appropriate social stimuli which went on to have retarded physical development, and disruption of perceptual-motor skills and language


Theory of Mirror Neurons Circuitry

Specific type of neuronal population in the frontal and parietal lobes (also in areas related to visions and memory) necessary for imitation learning, understanding of others' mood and actions, identity and imitation of adults


Dysfunction of mirror neurons may lead to _____

autism and the inability to empathize


Mirror neurons are subject to critical periods

plasticity is minimal following critical period


Mirror neurons fire when

either the individual acts or when the same action done by another individual is perceived