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What is the Background / aim of Chaney's study?

Test operant conditioning using a novelty asthma inhaler which rewards proper use.


What is the Sample of Chaney's study?

32 asthmatic children (22 male, 10 female).
Age range 1.5 – 6 years, mean age 3.2 years.


What is the Method of Chaney's study?

.initial questionnaire of inhaler use
.funhaler for 2 weeks
.then interview and another questionnaire


What is the Results of Chaney's study?

.38% of parents had medicated their child the previous day
.22/30 compared to 3/30 were always successful at medicating kids


What is the Background / aim of Lee study?

Test effects of culture on children moral development


What is the Sample of Lee study?

120 Chinese and 108 Canadan aged 7,9 or 11


What is the Method of Lee study?

.Participants either heard a pro social or anti social story or a physical or social story with lie telling or truth telling.
.asked questions on the stories and why


What is the Results of Lee study?

Chinese children rate truth telling in prosocial situations less positively and lie telling in the same situations less negatively than Canadian children. All children showed similar moral evaluations of lie telling and truth telling related to anti-social behaviour.