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What is the aim/ background of Levine ?

To compare the capacity for help, cross countries, cultures and cities.


What is the sample of Levine ?

200 M and 200 W for each condition.


What is the Method of Levine ?

Three conditions -
.accidentally dropping a pen in front of people
.Experimenter with limp/ leg brace dropping magazines and struggling to pick them up.
.Blind man, can't figure out if the light is green (it is)


What is the results of Levine ?

.Higher per capita purchasing power cities were less helpful.
.Simpatica countries ( Brazil / spain) were more helpful.


What was the aim/ background of Bocchiaro ?

Investigate whistleblowing in the workplace, and understand those that disobey and those that whistleblow.


What was the sample of Bocchiaro ?

.First sample -
138 undergraduate students from VU university
.Second sample -
149 undergraduate students from VU university
96 W 53 M


What was the Method of Bocchiaro ?

.First sample asked what would they do
.Second sample told cover story explaining they would be asked to convince students to sign up to a study which was potentially harmful, however to not tell them this.
.led to new room to write it for 7 mins, could challenge it by putting a form in the mailbox.


What was the Results of Bocchiaro ?

.First sample - 3.6% obey , 31.9% disobedient, 64.5% whistleblowers.
.Second sample (actual) - 76.5% obeyed, 14.1% disobeyed, 9.4% blew the whistle.