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What was the background for Grant?

To test context dependant memory


What is context dependent memory (grant) ?

Remembering in the same context as your first encounter with what your remembering.


What was the aim of Grants study?

To investigate context dependant memory and the specific contexts eg silence.


What was the sample in grants study ?

39/40 participants (one left)
17 F / 23 M
age - 17 - 56


What was the method of grant's study ?

Comprehension test, article read in one condition and questions answered in the next.


What where the conditions (grant) ?

.silent silent
.silent noise
.noist silent
.noisy noisy


What were the results of the grant study?

studying in the same environment leads to better results, however studying in silence is better then with noise.


What was the background/aim of Simon and Chabris?

To test intentional blindness, where the attention is diverted causing someone not to see something else.


What is the sample for Simon and Chabris ?

228 volunteers / 36 remover
16 groups of 12 individuals
students male and female


What was the method of Simon and Chabris?

Each group watched a certain condition with a different task watching basketball players asked to count number of passes (hard/easy), then asked if they noticed anything unusual (gorilla or umbrella )


What were the results of Simon and chabris?

.54% noticed unexpected even
.67% of participants noticed the unexpected event in the opaque condition, compared to only 42% in the transparent condition.
.64% vs 45% easy vs hard conditions