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Albuminuria predicts...

CV mortality


What is the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy?

Hyperglycemia direct damages the glomerulus
Glucose also results in the creation of ROS which cause damage
Creation of an inflammatory state that promotes atherosclerosis and impacts renal hemodynamics
ECM accumulation, GBM thickening, glomerulosclerosis


Effect of ACEi/ARBs on glomerulus

Reduce vasoconstriction and glomerular pressure (act on the efferent arteriole)
This will transiently decrease the GFR but in the long term it is a good thing and is protective


SGLT2 inhibitors

Block the sodium glucose linked cotransporter in the PCT
Reduce the amount of Na and glucose that is reabsorbed into the blood
UTI is a side effect
Positive impacts on CV outcomes
Slow progression of diabetic nephropathy


In diabetes is BP or sugar control more important?

BP control!


5 lifestyle interventions that decrease BP

DASH diet
Limit Na intake
Reduce body weight
Regular physical activity
Low risk alcohol consumption