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Why do live donor kidney transplants do better than deceased?

Healthier donors
Planned surgery
Very short cold ischemic time
Almost always have immediate graft function
Don't have to wait


What happens if you do not have a live donor?

You must be on dialysis before you are placed on the transplant list


Risks of broad public solicitation

Lack of privacy
1-sided anonymity
Possibility of misrepresentation by transplant candidate
Possibility of commercial transplantation


3 complications of higher risk deceased donors

More complex perioperative period
Higher risk of delayed graft function (need for dialysis post op)
Inferior long term allograft survival vs lower risk deceased donors


How does age matching work in BC?

Young donors (<35) go to young recipients (< 55)
Old donors (>60) go to old recipients (>60)
Middle aged donors (36-59) go to all ages
Pediatric patients get overriding priority


Concerns about transplant tourism

Source of organs
Health of living donors
Safety of recipients
Public health risks
Stifling self-sufficiency in inbound countries
Ethical concerns