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What are the primary functions of a post?

1) Retain the core
2) Stabilise the core
3) Obturation of the post canal


What are the contraindications for direct posts?

1) Non-restorable tooth
2) Short roots, thin roots, carious roots
3) Bends/ blockages in the root canals
4) Existing root pathology
5) Poor periodontal support
6) If core can be retained and supported without post


What are the functions of a core?

1) Foundation for a coronal restoration
2) Retention and stabilisation of coronal rstoration
3) Perform as an interim restoration


How can post systems be classified?

1) Method of application
2) Shape
3) Material
4) Passive/ Active


What conditions should be assessed prior to considering a post?

Tooth ultimately restorable
Remaining tooth structure sound
Periodontal support
Apical seal
No periapical patholoogy
Sufficient root length
good acccess to tooth
Tooth isolation possible


what are the burs used for post hole preparation?

GG burs
peeso drills
ParaPost drills


How much GP should be left in the canal?

4-5mm. Measure using pre-op radiograph and use rubber stopper on GG appropriately.


How are direct post cementeed into the canal?

Use GIC or resin cements. if using a non-alloy post, silane coating may be required.
Post coated with cement, cement placed in canal with lentulo spiral
Seat post and maintain slight positive pressure
Trim away cement when set